Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shock - Angel Face 7"

I know, I know your all thinking what the.... is this doing here. But I've always said I'm a sucker for covers especially if their done differently, so an electronic version of the Glitterbands Angel Face has to fit. I actually bought this from Woolworths classic 'out of the charts box for 25p' (not sure if it ever got in the charts but it was supposedly a dance floor hit)

Shock were a music/mime/dance/pop group that were notable in the early 1980's for supporting bands such as Gary Numan, Adam and the Ants and Depeche Mode. This was their debut single produced by Rusty Egan (ex Rich Kids, Visage fame).

So you get an electronic/dance version of the classic glam hit 'Angel Face' which could never match the original, but it's worth a listen. The b-side has a pretty bland instrumental. They did release one further single, although as I never heard it, I can't comment.

Band: Shock
Label: RCA
Year: 1980
1. Angel Face
2. R.E.R.B.

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then you could look for their second single 'Dynamo Beat', I haven't got a clue what its like.


Rupert Cook said...

Mime and music. It never works. I can never get to listen to stuff on your blog, don't know why, so I can't make an informed comment. But if I were to judge a record by its cover I'd say this could be intriguingly terrible. They look like they've borrowed looks from David Bowie, Duffo and the Dooleys.

garychching said...

ha ha Brilliant Rupert.

Sarah said...

I like this one Gary. After listening to it a few times now I think its absolutely good.

garychching said...

Thanks Sarah, I'm glad someone else likes it to.

Gremlin said...

I remember seeing them supporting at The Lyceum fairly often - must've been in with the promoter! Sort of a "punk" Hot Gossip. Cheesy but fun, like this single!

alanpscott said...

Bloody great.
.As always love your stuff


garychching said...

Thanks for the comments Gremlin and elvis2000, glad you both like it. I was in two minds whether to post this, but looks like it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Blimey - this stirs some memories - not all good ones. The other single you mention is Dynamo or Dynamo Beat - repetitive, lightweight but listenable. Also I think the two guys Tik & Tok went on to record a couple of other things as well as having a walk on part opposite Bowie in the film 'The Hunger'
- Freddog

garychching said...

Thanks for the extra info Freddog. Have you got a copy of Dynami?

Neil said...



garychching said...

Hi Neil, thanks very much, not as good as Angel Face, but I actually like it.

being really cheeky do you have the b-side and cover? If so I will post it and if your happy give you the acknowledgment.

All the best

Neil said...

Unfortunately, I don't have the b-side. I used to have this on 12" when it first came out (1981). You should check out Tik & Tok's solo work too. I have most of that. A quick google should find you the cover (it has a rose and a dagger on it).

garychching said...

Hi Neil, thanks for responding. I will keep an eye out for a copy, I'm sur eits not going to cost too much.

I saw some Tik and Tok stuff in my local 2nd hand record shop. I might try them out next time I'm there.

All the best