Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Occult Chemistry - Occult Chemistry EP

Another one from Bruce Rhodes. This one is the debut and only release from 'Occult Chemistry'. Bruce describes them as an anarchic/hippie feel like early 'Slits' meet the 'Androids of Mu'. As I've never heard anything by the 'Androids of Mu' its difficult to comment, but I can hear the sound of 'The Slits'.

Two members of 'Occult Chemistry' were in an earlier band (formed in 1978) called 'Twilight Zoners' who released a couple of singles, rather than me rewrite their history you can find all about them and hear all their singles (plus some demos) here http://www.glenncarmichael.co.uk/music/occult.html

So try them out and see what you think, and if you like them then go and check out their other stuff at the link. As per usual don;t forget to leave a comment and thank Bruce for bringing this to our attention.

Band: Occult Chemistry
Label: Zip Records
Year: 1980
1. Water
2. Fire
3. Earth
4. Air

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl


Lil Black-Egg said...

Thanks, as always. And you NEED to hear the Androids of Mu!

Longy said...

Thanks Gary and Bruce. Yes you do need to hear some Andriods Of Mu. Blood Robots is ace! I think that one was over on KYPP a while back. Might still be there.

Bruce said...

Hi Guys!

Yep... you can get the "Android's Of Mu" from Kill Your Pet Puppy. While there, there are also a few items of theirs from cassette only release's. It's all a bit rough n' ready but includes some non-LP stuff.Just put in Androids of Mu in search and look for Burt Weedon comp!!

garychching said...

Thanks Lil Black-Egg, Longy and Bruce. I got the Blood robots album and now I see what you mean Bruce. I love it, thanks everyone for pointing me at it and I can't believe its taken me nearly 30 years to get into the Androids Of Mu