Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Maneaters - Nine To Five 7"

Most probably one of the most overlooked songs from the soundtrack of the film 'Jubilee'. Written (and performed I think) by Toyah Wilcox and Adam Ant this is a 24 carat punk classic. On the b-side another issue of the Suzi Pinns version of 'Jerusalem', I'm not sure how many time this was released but as its also a great song, who cares.

If you have the soundtrack then you have both of these, if not crank up the volume and enjoy.

So should Toyah and Adam Ant partnered more? Leave a comment.

Band: Various
Label: Ego Records
Year: 1978
1. Nine To Five - Maneaters
2. Jerusalem - Suzi Pinns

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

Unfortunately the brilliant soundtrack is no longer in print but you can still get some copies in the amazon market place here:
and see the strange, but worth watching film here:
Jubilee [DVD] [1978]


Longy said...

Nice one Gary. I forgot all about this one. I've still got Jubilee on Vinyl as well : -)

Gremlin said...

Only good song Toyah ever did! Couldn't stand her at the time and ade has not changed my opinion.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy and Gremlin. Now you mnetion it Gremlin I'm not sure I can think od any others that I liked.

Milan SL said...

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arstider said...

Milan SL

Nice things you have, but where is the links on some of the things?

Gary can't remember this one, must listen......

Best wishes from Sweden

garychching said...

All the links are all in the first comment - click three times with left mouse and copy the text.

arstider said...

Thanks Gary but I did mean Milan SL, where his links are on some thing. But I got answer on his page.

Didn't remember this one, B-side did I remember.

Best wishes from Sweden

garychching said...

Doh! sorry arstider didn't read the message properly

Anonymous said...

Hmm...google says this link is broken. Anyone else having problems?

great blog, by the way!

garychching said...

Hi anon, thanks for the comment, I think the problem was mediafire going a bit wobbly. It looks OK now