Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ruby Trax - The NME's Roaring Forty

A temporary stray from punk and new wave singles with this triple CD that was available only through the NME, and if I remember right the profit went to charity the Spastic Society. The CD consists of 40 covers songs by different bands.

I believe this is no longer commercially available and has got some real gems on it.

The picks for me are the excellent cover of the Rolling Stones 'Little Red Rooster' by The Jesus and Mary Chain, although being a big JMC fan, and in my eyes they can do no wrong, covering the excellent original was a risk.

A cover of Lonnie Donnegan's 'Cumberland Gap' turns a classic skiffle track into a real rocking tune.

The Shadows 'Apache' covered brilliantly by the 'Senseless Things.

Listening to Teenage Fanclub you would think that this song had been written for them, the cover of Bob Dylan's 'Mr Tambourine Man' which was made more famous by the Byrds, has been reclaimed by 'The Fannies'

I know I shouldn't but I love Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May' but Blur have done a sterling job recreating it in their own style.

Any version of Enio Morricombes 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' is good in my books. and Johnny Marr doesn't let us down. I love this song, and if you like it check out the Pogues version as well as the chart topping version by Hugo Montenegros Orchestra.

You can never get enough of the Fall, and again Mark E Smith has made the Legend of Xandadu his own.

Last recommendation is the ridiculous (but expected) version of Vienna by Vic Reeves, this one should make you smile.

So which track do you like best, leave a comment.

Disc 1
1. Coz I Love You -The Wonder Stuff
2. When Will I See You Again - Billy Bragg
3. Little Red Rooster - The Jesus and Mary Chain
4. Atomic - The Misson
5. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - The Fatima Mansions
6. Stranger In Paradise - St Etienne
7. Cumberland Gap - The Wedding Present
8. (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice - Aztec Camera / Andy Fairweather Low
9. Show You The Way To Go - Danni Minouge
10. Where Do You Go To My Lovely? - Welfare Heroine
11. Bad Moon Rising - Blue Aeropalces
12. Apache - Sensless Things
13. Mr Tambourine Man - Teenage Fanclub

Disc 2
1. Another Brick In The Wall - Carter USM
2. Maggie May -Blur
3. Ashes To Ashes - Tears For Fears
4. Rock Your Baby - The House Of Love
5. I'm A Believer - Frank and Walters
6. Shaddap A Your Face - EMF
7. Brass In Pocket - Suede
8. Ring My Bell - Tori Amos
9. Lady Madonna - Kingmaker
10. Like A Prayer - Marc Almond
11. Don't You Want Me? The Farm
12. I've Never Been To Me - Ned's Atomic Dustbin
13. My Sweet Lord - Boy George

Disc 3
1. Voodoo Chilee - Jesus Jones
2. Sunny Afternoon - Bob Geldolf
3. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Johnny Marr & Billy Duffy
4. Down Down - Cud
5. Legend Of Xanadu - The Fall
6. Secret Love - Sinead O'Conner
7. World Without Love - World Party
8. Tainted Love - Inspiral Carpets
9. Baby Come Back - Electric Music
10. The Model - Ride
11. Vienna - Vic Reeves
12. Go Now - Tin Machine
13. I Feel Love - Curve
14. Suicide Is Painless - Manic Street Preacher

Ripped from inferior CD: 

As this CD was meant for charity, if you download it, why not make a donation to the Spastic Society?


Bada Bing Crosby said...

Can't download disc one for some reason :( Love your site though :)

Vom said...

I'm having a problem with disc 1 as well - Mediafire has been acting up for me the last day or 2, so it's probably just that. Generally if I wait a few hours and try again it works.

Stiev A. said...

Fantastic! This is a very nice posting, thanks for that.

garychching said...

Hi Stiev thanks for your comment. Much appreciated

garychching said...

all the download sites can be temperamental, you just have to keep trying

I Am Not The Beatles said...

I own this too - by far the most superior track in my humble opinion is Baby Come Back by Elektric Music ie Karl Bartos of Karftwerk. Makes me laugh every time.

All the best,

Ian TB

garychching said...

Hi Ian thanks for the comment and kiss, although I have to say I would prefer if it was from a woman, oh well can't be too fussy coz I don't usually get them.

Combom said...

all 3 discs leeched first go :) many thanx and this is a great site too :)


garychching said...

Hi again Combon, there's some real gems on this one, enjoy.

garychching said...

oh and Combon thanks for the compliment, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this! My sister had Ruby Trax and I lent it to a boy who got mad at me and never returned it.
So glad to listen to this again after 15 years!
That Manic Street Preachers track is amazing, as is most of the tracks.
I still owe my sister an original CD set, so I'll be on the lookout for this now that I am reminded of it.
-Natalie Z.

garychching said...

Hi Natalie Z, thanks for the comment, and glad to help you rekindle those memories.

So now we all want to know what you did to make this boy so mad.

Mark said...

I've been searching for this for years, cheers matey!

garychching said...

Hi Mark thanks for the commebt and glad to help

Princerave777 said...

Thanks for this...My favorite track has got to be "Boy George - My Sweet Lord"...I think that could have been a hit for him if he had released it as a single.

garychching said...

Thanks foe the thanks Princerave777. I think your right it could of been a hit.

Anonymous said...

I´ve Been Looking For This Record For Long Years(Almost 4)Serious! Although im not a Woman, Many Thanks,God Bless You.

Tijolinho From Brazil.

garychching said...

Hi Tijolinho, thanks for your comment and glad to help. Enjoy.

KiDG said...

Brilliant post. One of the highlights for me has got to be Curve's I Feel Love!

garychching said...

Hi Kdg, thanks for the comment, and yep I agree I feel Love is a gem.