Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Orson Family - Presents 3 Epics

Sometimes this blogging stuff is really spooky, I was ripping todays post, and in between that and scanning the cover, I decided to do a quick tour of my favourite blogs, my first stop was The Twilight Zone, and guess what I found an Orson Family posting.

One reason why this is great news is that I don;t have to write anything about them as it's all over at the Twilight Zone, so follow this link (Check out Sunday 11th May) to find out all about the Orson Family and to hear another song by them.

Three great tracks here (or epics as per the cover), 'Heartbeat' is like a brilliant track with Buddy Holly like vocals. 'You Shake My Soul' is the stand out track (but only just) this sounds more like the Cramps and I love it. '(Be My) Ball and Chain' is a different sound, most probably the weakest but still great. So leave a comment and tell ASFM which one you prefer.

Nice little etching on the b-side "Somewhere Gene is smiling". I assume they mean Vincent, does anyone know.

Band: The Orson Family
Label: Orson Enterprises
Year: 1983
1. Heartbeat
2. You Shake My Soul
3. (Be My) Ball and Chain

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

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