Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Disco Zombies - Drums Over London

And yet another one from PaulSpizzle, and another little gem. I love 'Drums Over London' a great riff, with a great simple catchy chorus, which for me makes this the standout track. The b-side 'Heartbeat Love' is still good, but just doesn't quite have the edge for me.

This single came out in a fold out sleeve in a few colours as can be seen by the scans.

Band: Disco Zombies
Label: South Circular
Year: 1979
1. Drums Over London
2. Heartbeat Love

Ripped from Paulspizzles glorious scratched vinyl:

if you like this they did produce a few more singles, although I don't think these are readily available anywhere other than the original vinyls. if anyone knows otherwise then leave a comment.


longcigarette said...

Ah great ! I lost my copy of this record around 1992 & haven't heard it since.
Thanks for posting this Gary. :)

Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary. I think I remember this one being played on Peelie.

Acute said...

Either 1 member or the entire band became the artier Club Tango, who released 2 really cool 7"s.


p.s. glad you dig the Lines.

garychching said...

Hi Long Cigarette, no problem happy to help

garychching said...

Hi Anon, yep I heard this on peelie many years ago

garychching said...

Hi Acute do you have the singles?

Acute said...

I only own one of the singles.

Mark said...

Nice one Gary! Man, does this one take me back. Guitarist Andy Ross was the owner of Counterpoint Records in Forest Hill, South East London. A punk specialist record shop I spent many an afternoon bunking off school in. Yeah, I remember Peelie playing it. The only other one of theirs I'm aware of that they did is the Top Of The Pops EP, again on South Circular Records (the shop was on the South Circular). When his shop closed down around 1980, Andy went on to work in a couple of other record shops, then worked for the NME under the name of Andy Hurt for a few years, then on to Food Records where he's credited with discovering Blur amongst others.Not sure what he's doing these days. I bumped into him 3 or 4 years ago in Canden,(he still looks more or less the same) and he was managing a French guy called Barth and gave me an EP of his(which weren't too bad, actually.)

garychching said...

Hi Acute any plans to post it?

garychching said...

Hi Mark thanks for the comment, you planning on posting the single he gave you?

Mark said...

I'll see what I can do. I'll get back to you on that one. Meanwhile there's a download of Mary Millington, a later one of theirs that got away for me at the time, that I found on here:
(right-click and 'save link as')

Mark said...

Oops.Link didn't work. Try this one:

Dougie W. said...

Actually Mark, Andy wasn't the owner of Counterpoint at all. It was a lady called Patricia. Like you I spent a lot of time in that place bunking off school (Forest Hill Boys). I also did some roadie work for the Disco Zombies.

There's a company (retro-records.com) that have put out a CD of all the Zombies stuff (they also have some other classics like The Last Words)

garychching said...

Hi Dougie W thanks for the update and the link to retro records. Gonna put some of them on my Christmas list.