Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Pistons - Solitary Reality

This is what ASFM is all about, finding new music that I (and I hope for you as well) have never heard of. Another gem from PaulSpizzle, so once again leave your thanks in the comment for sharing another ultra rare punk classic.

All we know about this band is whats on the label and the insert (all in the pictures). The Pistons were from Northwich, Cheshire. The band consisted of (left to right in the picture) Tony Argent on vocals, Miff on Drums and Dave Gone on Bass. I'm guessing this was their one and only single, released on Humdrum records in 1981. If anyone knows any different or anything else then please leave a comment (could this be the one that stumps Worthless Trash and 45 Revolutions?)

Two tracks on the x-side we have 'Solitary Reality' which is a good old fashioned punk song, but the y-side has the better (in my opinion) track 'Hyper Active', a simple but catchy tune, which is just what I like.

Band: The Pistons
Label: Humdrum Records
Year: 1981
1. Solitary Reality
2. Hyper Active

Ripped from Paulspizzles glorious scratched vinyl:

Again I can't find anything else to recommend on the Pistons, but of anyone does know if any compilations that are still available then leave a comment


James D said...

Singer/guitarist Tony Argent/Williams now makes a living programming computer games as well as playing in a REM tribute band.

I've always wondered what the story is with the text at the bottom of the sleeve that reads 'This record was to have featured vocals by Honey Bane but doesn't' ...anyone??

garychching said...

Hi James, I didn't notice the Honey Bane line. I'd like to know now as well.