Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Khartomb - Swahili Lullaby

Another one from the Bruce Rhodes collection. Released in 1983 on Dan Treacy's (Television Personalities) label Whaam!, and in Bruce's own words "its a nice mix of the Passions, Raincoats and Slits". You will see what he means when you listen to them. Both songs have a reggae/dub feel, for me the a-side "Swahili Lullaby' is a little too commercial/poppy, the b-side 'Teekon Warriors' is the best track. But as usual ASFM would like to hear what you think, so leave a comment.

They also apparently did a John Peel session, which if any of you have a copy, please leave a comment.

The band consisted of Paula Crolla, Caroline Clayton, Ali Barnes and Ian Christie, apart from that we have no more information on whether they recorded anything else or what happened to them. So again if you know anything as usual leave a comment.

Band: Khartomb
Label: Whaam
Year: 1983
1. Swahili Lullaby
2. Teekon Warriors

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl:

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IanC said...

We did do a Peel Session! And Ian & Caroline from the original Khartomb are back together again. Our new EP is available from May 4 2015. Find out more at www.khartomb.com