Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Various Ska and Reggae

If you don't like classic Ska or Reggae then skip this post now.

I have made this posting for a couple of reasons, firstly there was always some synergy between Punk and Reggae, in the early days there was often reggae bands in the support line up. Also bands like the Clash, who were the first white band to enter the 'Reggae Hall of Fame' with their excellent cover version of 'Police and Thieves' were only one of many bands that regularly covered or used the reggae style on their sets and releases.

Secondly for nostalgic reasons, I am sure some of you remember there used to be adverts at the back of 'Sounds' and 'NME' offering 100 various reggae/ska singles for £5 or £10 (I can't remember the actual price or the record shop, but I think it was Notting Hill Records Exchange, can anyone else remember? or have they got a copy of the ad? as I would of posted it if I had one)

Memory failing me again as I can't remember who, but I can remember the night when someone in our squat received the 100 records. We sat up all night playing them, and recording all of the good ones. We didn't sleep that night and played these songs full blast, dancing around until we played the last song.

This posting includes all of the songs we liked that night, and I have played this tape ever since. So now at last I have digitized the scratched sound of these classics so I can share them with you.

There are 28 tracks on this posting, and a couple I am not sure if I have the right name, as the cassette listing has faded over the years. So if any of you are experts out there please correct me

The pick of the tracks in my opinion are as follows:

Track 12, 'The Ten Commandments' by 'Busters All Starts' (better know as Prince Buster of Al Capone fame). This is one of the most politically incorrect songs I have heard, but it's still brilliant, if you like classic ska you will love this.

Next up Track 16, is a rare vinyl from 'Joyce Bond' called 'This Train', it's all about the Mods and Rockers traveling together (in harmony), it is outstanding and my pick of the lot.

The Ethiopians 'Hong Kong Flu' is a classic infectious track (17) which you cannot fail to like.

Track 21, 'The Train Is Coming back' by the Gladiators, is another song about trains and another example of a perfect ska classic.

The final track on this selection is 'Burning' by the 'Dynamics' if this doesn't get you dancing around nothing will.

Leave a comment and tell ASFM what you like best.

Band: Various Artist (Ska and Reggae)
Label: Various
1. Hipp Ska - Cindy Starr
2. Pain Of Love - Cindy Starr
3. You Are The Girl - The Ethiopians
4. Train To Skaville - The Ethiopians
5. Bama Boom - Damaicens
6. Work It - Vice Roys
7. Love Is All I Had - Phillis Dilon
8. Boys and Girls - Phillis Dilon
9. Sounds And Pressure - Unknown
10. Tell Me Darling - Buster's All Stars
11. Sting Like A Bee - Buster's All Stars
12. Ten Commandments - Buster's All Stars
13. Sweet Nanny - Virtues
14. Spit In The Sky - Joe Liggs
15. Tell Me Why - Joe Liggs
16. This Train - Joyce Bond
17. Hong Kong Flu - The Ethiopians
18. Clap Your Hands - The Ethiopians
19. Greedy Gal - Patrick Morgan
20. Children Get Ready - Versatices
21. This Train Is Coming Back - The Gladiators
22. Feeling So Fine - The Gladiators
23. Move Up - Al and Vibrators
24. Sweets For My Sweet - Bobby Aitken
25. Pee Pee Cluck Cluck - The Pioneers
26. Everybody Rock Now - Kim McCarthy
27. Spoogy - Lester Sterling
28. Burning - Dynamics

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl onto glorious hissing tape onto mp3:


Anonymous said...

This'll be my first encounter with the Ethipians since I had 'em on vinyl way back when - many thanks.
Blog on.

garychching said...

HI Shuggiemac, thanks for your comment, I hope a few people try this stuff out, I have been playing it for years and still love it, especially the Ethiopians.

IanJames said...


Have only just come across your blog (was searching for some Dalek I Love You). Downloaded this little collection this morning, and I have to say it is wonderful! Loving all of it so far, and that vinyl scratchiness just adds to the vibe.

Keep up the good work.


garychching said...

Thanks for the comment, Ian and glad you like this nice rough recording. I still play it regularly. Some people don't know what they are missing. look forward to seeing you around asfm.