Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Insane Society - 5 Track Sampler

This posting (temporarily) leaves the late 70's to highlight a current UK punk band 'Insane Society'. I got to know Wag (the lead guitarist) via ASFM, and he has let me post five of their tracks, so try them out and if you like them then go and visit them on myspace or their website (links further down and in the side bar) and buy their new album 'Upside Down'.

For me the stand out track is 'I Believe In England' (a little word of warning if your not from England you might find it difficult to appreciate the lyrics, but even then the tune is still excellent), and a nice reworking of 'Route 66' with the 'A259'. So after visiting them, leave a comment and tell ASFM what you think'

The following is a bio for Insane Society in their own words:

We are a Brighton based band of 4 mature and experienced musicians. Sheldon on vocals, Wag on guitar, Stefan on bass and Steve Dangerous on drums. We've all played in a variety of punk and rock bands in and around the south and south west for several years. Steve Dangerous used to play with the punk band Chelsea. Stefan was in a couple of punk and ska bands in the Bristol area (Vital Bodies, Seat Belts) in the 1980s and then, after a break due to the arrival of children, played in JAIN, a Tunbridge Wells based rock band where he met Steve. Wag and Sheldon have played in several punk bands in the Brighton area over the last 10 years. Wag has also been guitarist for "The River Boys" an Eastbourne based rockabilly band.

Wag has been writing songs for years and teamed up with Sheldon 5 years ago. We've been together in this line-up since 2005 (originally called the Crouch Potatoes – a long story!). Wag is the main songwriter with Sheldon contributing to the lyrics.

Our first album entitled 'Upside Down' is currently being released. Our songs are essentially about life for ordinary blokes in England today and the issues and events which impact on our lives from the immediate (Evicted, Fat Chick, Upside Down) to the global (Made In China, Send In The Troops, Termination Day).

We believe that REAL punk (not that poppy indie-emo-punk crap) is just as relevant today as it was in 1977.

INSANE SOCIETY is a punk band based in Brighton and playing throughout the south of England. Visit www.myspace.com/insanesocietyofficial. A 5 track demo or the 15 tracks album Upside Down are available by request. Band members are Sheldon - vocals, Wag - guitar, Stefan - bass, Steve - drums.

Band: Insane Society
Year: Now
Label: Who knows?
1. I Believe In England
2. Ipswich Town
3. Armchair Arry
4. A259
5. Fantastic Hits

Ripped from ???? some clever recording gear:


Anonymous said...

Thank yu for this Ive been searchig the web for something by this guys before earing on humdrumpunk podcasts recently

garychching said...

hi Jose thank the band they gave me the music.