Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Leyton Buzzards - Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees

The 'Leyton Buzzards' second single, and a surprising change from their first 3 track punk release '19 & mad' on 'Small Wonder'. 'Saturday Night beneath the plastic palm tress' is a power pop, reggae style song that got them on TOTP and number 53 in the charts. A lot of people didn't rate this (particularly a lot of punks) but you know what? I always liked it. The only negative comment I would make is check out their clothes, what happened there?

The b-side is back to their punk roots and in-line with their debut single (which I will post later) and if you haven't heard it before I promise you will like it.

So which one do you like best? Leave a comment and tell me.

You can hear their fifth single over on 'Worthless Trash'

Band: Leyton Buzzards
Label: Chrysalis
Year: 1979
1. Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees
2. Through With You

Secret track (don't know where I got this one from and only difference I can see is that its a bit shorter)
1. Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees (DJ Version)

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then buy this, all the singles (apart from one) and some of the b-sides plus a few extra tracks, bargain.
The Punk Collection
The Punk Collection


Robert said...

I will check this one out.
Steptoe - isn't that a TV-character? Like Albert and Herbert in swedish.

Anyway, here's my first request, and a bit out of line maybe. But I've been looking for the studio-versions a long time.
Do you have the £1.10 or Less EP with Stiff Little Fingers? Four song Ep 7 inch, I recall played at 33 rpm.
From 1982, not the hey-days, but anyway a really good one.
Robert - Stockholm

James D said...

"Palm Trees" was the best thing the Buzzards did, but then pretty much everything they did ruled.

The post you link to on my blog was their 5th, not 3rd single and the DJ version of "Palm Trees" was posted by me sometime last year, probably where you got it?

That CD on Captain Oi is missing the last single and a couple of other B-sides, but apart from that it's near perfect!

garychching said...

Hi Robert,you are right Steptoe was a rag and bone man tv character, nit sure if he is the same as Albert and Herbert, but their names are Albert and Harold (Steptoe) so close. I will check out my stuff, I don't think I have that SLF single your looking for, but let me see.

garychching said...

Hi james, thanks for your comment, I have updated the posting, so it should be accurate now. It could of been you that I got the other version, although the bitrate is higher 95K than you normally rip (did you use to rip at a higher rate?)

James D said...

96k was the bitrate I used to post at, but as the blog grew (hundreds of downloads for each mp3) I dropped the bitrate to 48k mono to show some respect for copyright etc. Not that the artists seem to mind, anyone I've asked were cool about. Geoff Deane for example said 'post whatever you like'.

Anonymous said...

'Saturday night' - a lyrical gem sounding as fresh, funny and original as 30 years ago. I'd give up music too if I'd written something as good as this and it didn't go top 5 - quite rightly an NME Single of the week.


garychching said...

Hi Googs thanks for the comment. Yep this one is still a gem and I still love to play it.