Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Anti-Social - Traffic Lights

When I started ASFM I never realized how many people I would meet. I started with the aim of sharing my own rare and difficult to find songs, but have made many friends who have offered to share with you some of their rare punk stuff. For this one you need to thank Bruno, all the way from Brazil (see the 'London' posting comments).

Anti-social were from Birmingham and formed in 1977 and If you want to know the full story about Anti-social then follow the link. They released only one single 'Traffic Lights' in 1977 and it has been touted as the one of the rarest punk singles ever commanding over £1000 at auctions. Although it is true that the quality of these songs may not quite match the value, this is a piece of punk history, and the more you play it the more it grows on you.

Tell me what you think and leave a thanks for Bruno.

So here it for you to hear.

Band: Anti-social
Label: Dynamite Records
Year: 1977
1. Traffic Lights
2. Teacher, Teacher

Ripped from, who knows where:


45 Revolutions said...
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Robert said...

Great reading on the link. What a story! Anyone up for a burger?
Robert - Stockholm

Anonymous said...

My friends mum was in Antisocial: wild woman!


garychching said...

is she still wild?

Hey has she got any copies of the single she doesn't want. Doh! Worth a try

Anonymous said...

I'm up for a burger, just gimme a ride! You're from Stockholm? Hell, you will need to burn some extra gas to pick me up... :)


Anonymous said...

Yes - she's still wild...
She's always at my friend's bands concerts whenever he plays in our hometown (Birmingham), and still likes to party...

No copies of the single, I'm afraid (I tried that a long time ago! :) )


garychching said...

Hi Nic, worth a try. has she seen this blog?

All the best Gary

TB said...

i bought this single in 1986 for 10p in the junk shop nearest my house!!


garychching said...

Hi TB, lucky man, have you still got it?