Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I, Ludicrous - Preposterous Tales

There are a few records I have always wanted: 1st Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen on A&M and I could of got if for £50 in 1978 but I couldn't afford it (Doh! its worth a lot more now), 2nd ATV's Sniffin Glue magazine with the flexi disc Love Lies Limp, and lastly this posting of a flexi disc which came free with the magazine Blah Blah Blah..

Preposterous Tales by I, Ludicrous was a John Peel favourite (No 11 in one of his 1987 festive 50), and subsequently one of mine as well. This rip came of my cassette recording of a John Peel show (lucky for many John Peel was one of those rare DJ's who played records in their entirety.

This is a brilliant song, with brilliant lyrics (very clever and witty), everyone know a Ken MacKenzie, even though the lyrics may not mean something to some of the younger listeners (see the line about Crakerjack) they will still understand the rest:

I went out with a famous DJ's sister's friend,
I was on Crackerjack at the age of ten (oh really?)

And I saw the Sex Pistols play down the Hundred Club (yeah, we all did)

And I spent New Year's Eve at Sensible's Den.

The reason I posted this is twofold one it is a brilliant song that everyone should hear and secondly they have just released a new album with this and some other classics as well. So do them a favour and go out and buy a copy.

Band: I Ludicrous
Label: flexi Disc Free with Blah Blah Blah
Year: 1987
1. Preposterous Tales

Ripped from John Peel's flexi disc onto tape to MP3:

If you like this then buy this album:
20 Years in Show Business
20 Years in Show Business


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

I've got a copy of ATV flexi but no longer have the mag.

I'm not sure of the condition though.

I'm assuming that the track was released on vinyl at some time or other. If not, let me know.

Could do ya an MP3.

Mr. Gardez Darkx? (ho ho)?

garychching said...

Hi Anon it was re-released on vinyl a year or two later (I have posted it on this blog). I always wanted to own the magazine and flexi (a collector thing I think, although I keep asking myself am I just being materialistic).

Much appreciate the offer though.