Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pinpoint - Waking Up To Morning

Pinpoints second single is very different to their debut 'Richmond' (follow link for earlier posting). For the a-side 'Waking Up To Morning' gone is the punk sound and replaced with something more like a speeded up Depeche Mode. The b-side 'Floods and Trickles' is back to the old Pinpoint sound.

Both sides, even though they are very different work for me. I have always liked Pinpoint and thought that they were underrated. I did used to go and see them a lot so maybe there is some sentimental link, but listening to them today, they still sound good. Which one do you like best? Leave a comment (I think I might be able to guess)

The sleeve was a fold out poster which I have scanned out in full and left a high resolution copy in the download. The single also gave a lyric insert also included with the scans.

For old memories a few scans of the Pinpoint badges as well

Band: Pinpoint
Label: Albion
Year: 1980
1. Waking Up To Morning
2. Floods & Trickles
Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

Someone should collect their singles and album and release them, anyone out there?


Anonymous said...

I see what you mean by the D Mode! The B side reminds me of 999 (without Nick Cash on vocals)for some reason. I prefer Richmond to this to be honest but its still pretty good. Cheers Gary


Peter - KBD Records said...

I like all the Pin Point stuff. From the Richmond 7" to their classic LP(with the free 12" EP). Underrated!!!

PS. Forgotten to link you. Sorry! Keep up the great work!!

garychching said...

Hi Peter, no problem I know how hard it is to keep up with postings and links, etc.

I still have not heard their album or the 12" are you planning on posting it?

garychching said...

Cheers Longy, one more to come.

Steve H said...

It's ironic the comment above as they supported 999 on a UK tour in January 1980. They played two consecutive nights supporting Nick Cash at Middlesbrough Rock Garden - and I loved 'em to death! Shame the free 12" single that featured 'Anchored Ankles' and two other tracks seem lost forever and seemingly never to be issued on MP3 format. One item of interest is the Lucky Saddles 'Both Be Here Today' single that featured Arturo of The Lurkers - worth checking out.

garychching said...

Hi Steve H, thanks for the comment and memories. I loved Pinpoint and was dissapointed when they split up. Also thamks for the reminder of the 12" I think I may be able to get a rip of it, I will start to chase it up.

Not heard of the lucky Saddles, I'll check it out.