Tuesday, 5 August 2014

T.V. Smith's Explorers - A World Of My Own

This posting is to compliment Nuzz Prowling Wolfs excellent posting of T.V.Smiths Explorers album 'The Last Words Of The Great Explorer' (Follow the link). This single was a limited edition available free exclusively with the album (or so it says on the single, although it was re-released on the CD version which is also sadly no longer available).

Two great songs, but then does he ever do anything that is not great. For me the a-side 'A World Of My Own' is the best track, but not by much.

Band: T.V.Smiths Explorers
Label: KRL
Year: 1981
1. A World Of My Own
2. Walk In A Straight Line

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

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Anonymous said...

great blog ! thanks for bringing back all those bands in my deficient memory !

garychching said...

Cheers Jake, thanks for your comment.

Gumby said...

Gosh, you've got so much lovely stuff posted here I keep coming back on an almost daily basis. Thanks a lot for the TV Smith's Explorers links, I was curious about the Adverts man's later adventures.

garychching said...

Hi Gumby thanks for your comment. In my opinion TV Smith just keeps releasing excellent material. I hope you enjoy.