Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Gen X - Gen X 4 EP 7"

As mentioned by Kes in the comments for the 'Dancing With Myself' post, 'Gen X' also released this 4 track EP. My version is the 7" clear vinyl but according to Kes there was also a 12" version.

So you get 4 tracks, the first is 'Dancing With Myself' no changes, I guess another attempt to get this great track better recognised. The next track 'Untouchables' is taken of their excellent third album 'Kiss Me Deadly'. The standout track for me is the cover version of an old Gary Glitter album track called 'Rock On' you can't fail to hear the trademark 'Hey' and Gen X cover it brilliantly. Last up is 'King Rocker' again a re-release of the original single. You also get 'Steve Jones playing on Untouchables and Rock On, what more could you want? So leave a comment and tell me how you agree 'Rock On' is the standout track (well only if you agree).

Band: Gen X
Label: Chrysalis
Year: 1981
1. Dancing With Myself
2. Untouchables
3. Rock On
4. King Rocker

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

You can still get the first two tracks and more on the excellent album 'Kiss Me Deadly' here:
Kiss Me Deadly


Longy said...

Another one I unfortunately decided not to buy (silly me)

And your right Gary. Rock On is great! Nice one matey.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you rock! Many many many thanks for this post. And it's great sound quality too!

This is wa-a-a-ay better than the recorded Gary Glitter version but, for what it's worth, I saw Glitter live several times and the old perv was an awesome showman with an awesome backing band. Shame it ended so horribly.

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary,

Really liked this version of Untouchables. Strangely, unlike the other two tracks, the version of Dancing With Myself featured here does not have Steve Jones on it as per the initial single release (?). In fact considering the tracks, this was a bit of a strange one all round. Maybe it was Chrysalis’ attempt to re-launch the band by releasing a sort of career overview ep.



Mike Ether said...

Simply one of the greatest bands ever. Thanks much Gary.

garychching said...

Hi Longy, I can think of a shed load of records I wished I'd bought. It was impossible to keep uo with all of them.

Thanks FlashGT, I also saw GG in early 70's but if you want a laugh check out the Human Leage posting of Rock 'n' Roll for the best heckle I've ever heard

Hi Kes I agree, I think this was last ditch attempt at trying to get the public aware of Billy Ido and the start of his solo career.

Hi Mike, yep I always liked them even if a lot of people didn't at the time.