Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bromheads Jacket - Wooley Bridge / Lesley Parlafitt 7"

Something new for you to try out this time. Bromheads Jacket's debut single was this double a side classic. If you've never heard of 'Bromheads Jacket' then think of a punk version of 'The Streets' and your getting close. My son introduced me to them and this is ripped from his copy of this rare (500 copies). All of the covers are individually hand sprayed, sketched, written and numbered. You can see from all of the scans the different variations, and a picture of a fully painted cover.

Even though the singer has a strong South London accent (I believe he grew up in London) the Bromheads Jacket are another great band that hail from Sheffield.

Both of these tracks are outstanding and impossible to choose from, but at a minimal 1:30 seconds you just want more of 'Lesley Parlafitt.

Like the 'Arctic Monkeys' the Bromheads have released a number of free demos, so I have also included an early set of demos that give you more of a taste of their music. Check out the first classic track 'Trip To The The Golden Arches'. Anyone who can write a chorus like this one is OK in my books, if you read it you would say its impossible to put into a song.

Both of these tracks and 'Trip To The Golden Arches' are on their debut album, and the good news is there different (and in my opinion better) versions. So there's no excuse not to go out and buy it.

Band: Bromheads Jacket
Label: Marquis Cha Cha
Year: 2005
1. Wooley Bridge
2. Lesley Parlafitt

Label: Demos
Year: 2005
1. Trip To The Golden Arches
2. Land Of The Brave
3. A Pinch Of Psalt
4. Met A Dark Girl
5. SRI's and Big Bore 4's
6. Celebrityism
7. ATM

Ripped from glorious pristine vinyl

The Bromheads Jackets have two albums both worth buying, my personal favourite is the first 'Dits From The Commuter Belt':
Dits from the Commuter Belt
and their second and latest album 'On The Brain':
On the Brain


disconcerted said...

Don't know if you're interested but I have a live 3 track CD somewhere that was an exclusive with some orders from Rough Trade when the first album came out, say if you'd like it uploaded and I'll dig it out.

garychching said...

Hi Disconcerted. no I don't have the live 3 track and would love to hear it. So yes please to an upload.

All the best

disconcerted said...

http://www.mediafire.com/?5myogkvvmgg - There you go. Don't think I'd ever played it before because I had no idea it was three songs on one track!
Hope you enjoy it.

garychching said...

Thanks disconceted, I've got it but haven't played it yet. will try soon.

Anonymous said...

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