Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Revillos - Motor Bike Beat 7"

In 1979 due to contractual reasons 'The Rezillos' renamed themselves to the very similar 'Revillos'. This was their second single and their highest charting release under the new name at number #45 in the UK Charts.

An excellent fun single which cannot fail to have you singing along.

Band: The Revillos
Label: Dindisc
Year: 1980
1. Motor Bike Beat
2. No Such Luck.

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this (and how couldn't you) then your in luck as both sides of this single plus lots more are still available on their debut album 'Rev Up'
Rev Up


arstider said...


Something I never bought, but what I remember was this one rather nice....

Best wishes from Sweden

Longy said...

I brought a Revillos video in the last week funny enough. Re-animated,Live in London. 19 tracks. Black and white but bloody ace. From '96. I don't think I've ever spent a better 4 quid in my life.

gobshyte said...

another great single that i cant listen to anymore due to lack of turntable.thanks for posting it.cheers

garychching said...

hi Arstider, yep you will defo enjoy this one again.

Longy, not heard of that DVD, I'll have to check it out.

Hi Gobshyte (what a moniker, makes me laugh every time i see it) glad to help. Just found your blog as well, I've added it today.

The Wolfmen said...

Haven't they just reformed ?

Rupert Cook said...

Very fine record. They did release some really rotten records later on though.

Longy said...

Have look right here Gary


bazzil said...

Great Single by a great band.
The album Rev Up was one of my favourite back then.
I played the crap out of it.
It's so worn it's almost unplayable now.

garychching said...

not sure Wolfman they are definitely playing again but I thought they had been playing for sometime, but I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time.

Cheers Longy, I'll check that out.

Hi Bazzil, thanks for the comment, I also have (and love) Rev Up

garychching said...

hi Rupert, this one is a real gem, didn't really hear their latter singles.

Rupert Cook said...

Avoid the later stuff from the 82-84 period. The freshness is missing on those later releases.