Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Clapham South Escalators - Leave Me Alone EP

The Clapham South Escalators were a one off incarnation of 'The Meteors' and the moniker under which they released their fourth single. When I bought this I didn't even know it was the Meteors, but the instant I played it, their unique sound was unmistakable.

On this double a-side you get three classic Meteors psychobilly style tracks all of them excellent.
'Get Me To The World On Time' is a faithful cover of the classic 'Electric Prunes' 1967 original (the blurb on the back cover has a little more info - high resolution scan included).

A few etchings on the run out, on side A you get 'This Ai't Me' and the classic 'a Porky Primecut' and on side AA you get 'Psychedelik Elefurnt'.

Band: The Clapham South Escalators
Label: Upright Records
Year: 1981
1. Get Me To The World On Time
2. Cardboard Cutouts
3. Leave Me Alone

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this, your in luck as lots of their stuff is still available, in my opinion their first album 'In Heaven' is still their best
In Heaven
But you can won't go far wrong with a kind of the best of album here:
Teenagers from Outer Space


Jeronyme said...

Fab EP! A bit frustrating that Lewis and Fenech's collaboration didn't last longer...
You're right... "In Heaven" will remain Meteors' masterpiece. In fact I can't think of many albums as perfect as this one.
The compilation of early material "Teenage From Outer Space" is another must-have.

Thanx for this vinyl rip....


Longy said...

Thanks Gary. I shall download it now and listen later when the hangover has worn off. Even typing is hurting my head at the moment!

garychching said...

Hi Jeronyme and Longy, thanks as usual for the comments.

I'm with you Jeronyme, although its hard to believe that everybody hasn't got those albums, but you never know there might be some lucky people who are going to hear some of this stuff for the first time.

Longy, hope the head is OK now.

vita lite said...

same as with the single, I bought in some little record shop round the back of camden tube station. Happy days.

Spot on with In Heaven, superb album

Top blog

Got the first stingrays single on my blog if you're interested

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment and the compliment much appreciated. And also thanks for the Stingrays pointer I will check it out soon.

nekrodad said...


garychching said...

Glad to help Nekrodad