Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cult Figures - In Love EP

Getting a little spooky now, after many months absence Bruce Rhodes returns with the previous post, and then the following day we have the return of 'Paul Spizzle' with the classic 'Cult Figures'. In Love EP.

This was their second and final single and followed the outstanding debut classic 'Zip Nolan'. Released in 1980 and again released on 'Rather Records'. In my opinion 'Cult Figures' were a band everyone should of known but still appear to be more known by the cult (excuse the pun) and obscurist music followers. Three tracks, first up the excellent 'I Remember', followed by 'Laura Kate' by a mainly instrumental (there's a bit of "hey ho" towards the end), that I must find the tab for (anyone got it). Last up is 'Almost A Love Song' this is the pick of the three for me. So leave a comment and this time don't forget to thank Paul Spizzle for this donation.

Ripped from Pauls Spizzles glorious scratched vinyl

Band: Cult Figures
Label: Rather Records
Year: 1980
1. I Remember
2. Laura Kate
3. Almost A Love Song

If you want to know more about 'Cult Figure' then check them out over at Topplers here (just use the pick list menu).

If you like this then you have a great chance to buy the original vinyl from Paul on eBay here:



Rupert Cook said...

I used to enjoy shouting along to Zip Nolan. For some arcane reason I never bought this single. One more to add to the wants list.

garychching said...

Hi Rupert, be careful, that list will be neverending.