Tuesday, 5 August 2014

ASFM Music Knowledge Challenge 1 Repost

So here's an opportunity for you all to show how wide and deep your music knowledge is. By the way I like to think that all of the numbers in the picture represent the different bit of the brain that are relevant to each music genre, but I'm sure all of the neuroscientists out there would disagree with me.

I received this email from a Juan de da Fuente:

I found in an old cassette, recorded in 1985, four songs (Attach) without name.
Do you Know?
I´m looking for the name of the songs and the groups who play them.
Please, can you help me?
Thank you very much

Unfortunately I didn't know any of them (and I'm normally not bad on music trivia). I must admit their not my normal music genre, but I do like the fourth track and would now like to know myself.

The songs have been ripped at 64bps and they are not complete, but they are good enough to listen to and hopefully identify.

The prize for winning this challenge is recognition within the blogsphere for being a music nerd, an honour I'm sure you'll agree is worth having (if I could of answered this I would off).

So the race is on, who is the king of music trivia knowledge out there (I can already think of a few candidates - no names :-))

Get the songs here:

Check out the comments for a better quality download

OK thanks to anonymous (this could be more than one) we have three out of four so far

1. Gun Law - The Kane Gang
2. Happy Shopper - The Wolfhounds
3. Everything Golden - Passionel
4. ????


Anonymous said...

Hello: I'm Juan de la Fuente

Thanks Gary.

In this link, you can download the files with more quality.


Anonymous said...

1) 2 bob New Order Tribute Band
2) 1 bob oasis worshippers
3) Teardrop Explodes tribute band
4) Some yankie shit

Anonymous said...

Sham 69 -What Have We Got?

(80's Electro mix)

Anonymous said...

#1 is Kane Gang and "Gun Law" from 1986-ish. But other than that, I got nothing.

John Spithead said...

It's got me beaten, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Before today I didn't know Kane Gang´s "Gun Law". I just hear now the song and it seems me as good as 23 years ago. Thanks to Anonymous.
I heard a few minutes ago "What Have We Got?" of Sham 69 too, but it isn´t any of this songs. Sorry.

IWSBM said...


This is confusing because the number two song is The Wolfhounds "Happy Shopper". That single was released in 1989. So unless we're dealing with time warps here the cassette could not be recorded in 1985.
The Wolfhound was one of the NMEC86-band. I recommend the single "The Anti-Midas Touch" from 1986 on the Pink label.
Find out more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wolfhounds
Among the blogs that are into c86 stuff I can recommend Take the Pills http://takethepills.blogspot.com/

The other three I don't know maybe number three is The Chameleons.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, IWSBM.
And IWSBM is right, The Wolfhounds's song "Happy Shopper" was recorded in 1989.
With regard to the other two, I recorded this songs in a special program devoted to 1985 californian groups with other bands like Dream Syndicate, Tex & The Horseheads and Prime Movers. Can you figure this is worth?

Anonymous said...

I´ve just found the song number three. It calls "Everything Golden" from the LP Our Promise (1985).
The name of the band is Passionel (Alex Gibson and his group).

garychching said...

Thanks to anonymous, is it all the same person? Three out of four is not bad and the last one may still turn up. Leave your names if you want the credit.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Sorry. The last "anonymous" is myself, Juan de la Fuente. I found Alex Gibson here http://www.scaruffi.com/vol4/bpeople.html

garychching said...

Hi Juan, well we nearly got there and who knmws someone may find out the last track (my favourite)

zb said...

the last track is easy knowledge by blow up, I think


Anonymous said...

Juan said:

UAU! Fantastic!
I´m very happy.
Thank you very much zb (and thanks for garychching)

garychching said...

Hey zb thanks for the update, this is an excellent example of why the internet is so powerful. I love it.

Juan looks like job done, and it was good to find out what the last track was espcially as it was my personal fave.