Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Weirdos - Destroy All Music 7"

He's back, Bruce Rhodes returns with another gem, this time from Los Angeles, California 'The Weirdos'. This was 'The Weirdos' debut single, a three track single released in 1977 on the Bompl label. if this doesn't get you jumping around, nothing will.

First up is 'Destroy All Music' and in Bruce's words "it's 1.40m minutes of blistering snotty punk". On the flip side you get 'Life Of Crime' this ones a little slower and my personal pick of the three. Last up is 'Why Do You Exist?', another fast one and all over in 1.37 minutes. All three tracks are classic examples of 1977 punk, so try them out and leave a comment tell us what you think, and don't forget to thank Bruce for introducing this gem.

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl

Band: The Weirdos
Label: Bompl
year: 1977
1. Destroy All Music
2. Life Of Crime
3. Why Do You Exist?

If you like 'The Weirdos' then your in luck, you can get a couple of albums which have this post and their other singles as well as demos and sessions from here:

Destroy All Music
Weird World Vol.1


Longy said...

Cheers Gary and Bruce, I am out of breath pogoing to this already and I'm only half way through the first track : - )

Bruce said...

Hey Longy! I had to laugh at your comment! (I'd need an oxygen tent and a horny nurse if I tried to pogo these days.)

Glad ya liked 'em though.

I agree with Gary regarding, "Life Of Crime", it's got a menacing buzz going on in there.

Check out You Tube for some cool clips, and the Weird World album has got some pretty nifty stuff on it.

Raul said...

Hello Gary, another great find. I saw The Weirdos a few times here in Los Angeles in the early 80's. A great live band. Glad to see there are Weirdos fans on the other side of the "Pond". Thanks again

garychching said...

Cheers Raul its all thanks to Bruce Rhodes (from the UK as well - got it right this time Bruce) who takes a v healthy interest in US punk and keeps us all informed.