Monday, 4 August 2014

Carter USM - Norwich Sound City 1992

I'm not sure how popular Carter USM (originally Unstoppable Sex Machine but shortened later on) were globally (be interesting to hear from some of our overseas ASFM visitors), but for me they were definitely one of those classic UK eccentrics, and I can't describe them any better than this entry from Wikipedia:

a distinctive style of power pop, fusing samples, sequenced basses and drum machines with rock 'n' roll guitars and off-beat wordplay-loaded lyrics

As you can hear on the rip, their fans would continually chant "You Fat Bastard" which originated from one time manager Jon 'Fat' Breasts topless on stage band introductions.

A good selection of their singles and favourites here, unfortunately Sheriff Fatman is clipped at the end. It also includes their single "After The Watershed" (1991) which led to their first appearance on 'Top Of The Pops and then more famously a legal battle with the Rolling Stones publisher over the the use of the lyrics "Goodbye Rudy Tuesday" in the chorus. I'm not sure whether the legal battle was resolved by 1992, but introduce the song with "this ones for the bah bah bab bab the Rolling Stones, but we didn't want to swear".

Band: Carter USM
Album: Radio 1 Norwich Sound City 1992
Year: 1992
1. Intro Robin Hood
2. The Only Living Boy In New Cross
3. Down The Tracks
4. Rubbish
5. Do Re Me, So Far So Good
6. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
7. A Prince In A Paupers Grave
8. While You Were Out
9. After The Watershed
10. Sheriff Fatman

Ripped from glorious FM radio onto even more glorious hissing tape

If you like this then go and buy some of their music here:
30 Something
You Fat Bastard
Starry Eyed and Bollock Naked: B-Sides


Longy said...

I always loved Sheriff Fatman and The Only Living Boy In New Cross. They didn't really get the credit they deserved in my humble opinion.

biopunk said...

Sheriff Fatman was the only song I remember hearing over here. I think it was on a compilation or something?

gobshyte said...

i remember seeing a gig of theirs in a pub in brixton. a great night out.thanks for the post!

Al Pist said...

We just flew from the U.S. to see their last 2 reunion gigs at the Forum and Brixton Academy. Great shows! Thanks for posting this!

spencer kurash said...

Haven't heard this D/L yet but I remember the original broadcast and Jimbob finding it funny that Carter were above Michael Jackson in the singles charts (with The Only Living Boy in N)ew Cross

neil said...

I was there - thank you for sharing this

abramson said...

At the time that Sherif FAtman was released I was working as a presenter for a local radio station (radio Aligator) in Montpellier, south France. I can remember playing the said song on air until the groves were worn out, inother words it became an airtime hit. The radio station was associated with a rock based discoteque wher the became very popular on the dancefloor.This popularity trend with Carters releases would continue locally for the next few years. I'm Not sure that they were able to turn this local populartity in to natioal sales.

gappy said...

I think of them as thePunk Petshop Boys!

garychching said...

Cheers Longy, I always liked them and was surprised thay they didn't get the internaitonal recogniiton.

Thanks for the comment Biopunk, yes you will find it on a number of compilations.

Lucky man Gobshyte, It's always good memories when you see bands in more intimate surroundings.

Thanks for the comment and memories abransom

Not a bad description guppy, Thanks.
Another lucky man Al Pist, I would of loved to have seen them at those show, but funds were a little tight at the time. Glad you enjoyed then and the post.

Hi Spencer Kurash, excellent memory, you can relive that Michael Jackson moment with this post.

Thanks for the comment Neil, glad to help.

biopunk said...

"Happy Daze" was the comp!

garychching said...

Cheers for the extra info biopunk

alan f said...

Carter were almost massive in Greece after 30 Something. A great band with at least two great albums and a bunch of glorious singles. Enjoyed your post. Your blog is excellent as a whole. Going on my favs.

garychching said...

Thanks Alan f for the comment and the compliment

I will check your blog out as soon as I get some time.