Monday, 4 August 2014

Brian James - Why? Why? Why? 7"

Like many bloggers I sometimes start to think, I can't be arsed with this anymore, and maybe I should kill the blog of, and then out of the blue, you get an email from someone saying, "I thought you might like these...." and attached is Brian James second single (a and b side) Why? Why? Why? and then you think, this is why I blog. The sharing, and helping people (including myself) to find new music still gives me a buzz.

So give a big thanks in the comments to Styreneboy, who shared this hard to find single (well after much searching I couldn't find it anywhere)

Released on green and black vinyl in 1982 on Illegal Records. You get two tracks, with the a-side Why? Why? Why? clearly being the stand out track. It's just what you expect from Brian James, great guitar riffs and a great catchy tune (this one will stick in your head for a while). The b-side "Where Did I Find A Girl Like You" is OK, but James has done much better.

Artist: Brian James
Label: Illegal Records
Year: 1982
1. Why? Why? Why?
2. Where Did I Find A Girl Like You

Ripped from Styreneboy's glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then you can still buy some of Brian James albums here, and they are worth getting:
The Brian James Gang
and you can get this one in the traders area for an amazing £1.23 (I got my copy last week) two CD's, one of the album and the second is the "Dripping Lips" album (of course featuring Brian James) here:
Brian James


Longy said...

Nice one Styreneboy and thanks for sharing it here Gary. I hear theres a double Brian James CD flouting about somewhere too :-)

Anonymous said...

The song Why why why is corrupt. Please could you reup.

Bert said...

a side is damaged, impossible to extract

topper said...

Thank you for posting....and pleaze go on with this blog

nekrodad said...

Hey guys, its nekro here from i have the double brian james cd posted on my blog, i actually went to my storage space and dug the cd out for my blog. 1 cd is his 1st solo full length from 1990, the other is from his dripping lips cd from 1997. well see u guys

roberto said...

many thanks Styreneboy and Gary,I still have this single,found it in a little Madrid shop during holidays many many years ago...I must confess a soft spot for the B side...cheers

garychching said...

Thanks Longyy and Bert, hopefully you both have it now.

Topper, no problem mate, enjoy. I'm not going anywhere at the moment, just feel like it sometimes

Hi Nekrodad, I also have it, just checked you blog out, I will add you to my link bar, Looks like some good stuff there.

Hi Roberto thanks for the comment, I also like the b-side, butits not up there with some of his other material.

arstider said...

Never heard one this before, so it shall be fun.

You never know what will happen, I met Longy in London last Sunday without your blog we had never met....

As long as you are here we´ll be reading whatever you write.

Best wishes from Sweden

Nazz Nomad said...

tariffik! thanks for posting this!!!!!!!

garychching said...

Hi Arstider, your right without this blog I wouldn't of met Longy either.

Thanks for the kind words and hope you enjoy Brian James.

Nazz always glad to help a fellow blogger

you got good taste - it's rock'n'roll for weirdos said...

Sorry can't add to Brian James side of the discussion but just wanted to let you know I'm also quietly Reading your blog and enjoying it.
Check out my blog for regular rock'n'roll themed podcast shows, all available to download or just listen!
Until I also loose the will to live!!!!!!!
Mr A the Barber

garychching said...

Hi Mr Barber, thanks for the comment, when I get some free time I will check out your blog. Hopefully you will still be there.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work!

garychching said...

Thanks anon, I will