Monday, 4 August 2014

Ultravox! - Live At The Marquee 1979

This one was donated by Alyn from who runs where as the name of the web site suggests you can buy classic and genuine punk posters.

Regualar ASFM visitors will know that I'm a big Ultravox! fan (John Foxx line-up only) so I am always pleased to find another live bootleg I didn't have and even better when you actually went to the gig as well.

This gig coincided with the release of 'Systems of Romance' and has a mixture of classics but as one would expect predominately includes tracks from their last album.

So leave a comment and thank Alyn for sharing this one.

Band: Ultravox!
Year: 1979
Album: Live At The Marquee 1979
1. The Man Who Dies Every Day
2. Slow Motion
3. Slipaway
4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
5. Maximum Acceleration
6. Quiet Men
7. Artificial Life
8. Just For A Moment
9. I Can't Stay Long
10. Young Savage
11. My Sex
12. Some Of Them

Ripped from some glorious hissing tape somewhere (see comment for link)

If you like this, then surely you must already have these, but if not, your in for a treat and you can buy their three classic albums here (my personal favourite Ha! Ha! Ha!):
Systems Of Romance


garychching said...

You know what to do

arstider said...


I also prefer the John Foxx time. Shall be fun to hear, Thanks

Best wishes from Sweden

Novemberer said...

This is great, many thanks!

Am looking for tapes from their final, self-financed U.S. tour (apparently playing songs that turned up on Metamatic, etc) - do you know if any exist?

garychching said...

Hi Arstider, as per usual you have impeccable taste

Hi Novemberer. yes they do exisit and I have some v good rips of 3-4 of them, all coming soon to ASFM

DJ Useo said...

Thanks for the listen.Foxx really was great,eh? I was just playing some solo albums of his the other night.

garychching said...

Hi DJ Useo, yep john Foxx was the man. I still love those first two solo albums, and I really should check out some of his later stuff. Somehow I just drifted away from his later material.

Robinchollaway, don't know what your message was, but as it made no sense I deleted it. Id did check out your link and it also made no sense.