Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Captain Sensible - Happy Talk 7"

This post is from a request by Eugene. I never planned on posting this one as it was a big hit (Number 1# in the UK) so I assumed everyone would have it, and also as a big Damned fan, it was a long way from the sound I always favoured.

So when Eugene said the b-side was no longer available (after a little check you can get still buy all these tracks on the Captains reissued debut - links for purchase as usual at the bottom of this post), I thought I would dig it out and check it out, and as often is the way with singles the b-side is well worth a listen.

"Happy Talk" with backing vocals from "The Dolly Mixtures" (also on the front cover) was a cover of a famous "Rodgers and Hammerstein" musical "South Pacific" and was very commercial (not my cup of tea, but a s a completest, I still had to buy it). The b-side give you two tracks (well one really) the first "It" is a short (1:21) silly track which will make you smile the first time you hear it, but the second "I Can't Stand It (Demo)" returns to the sounds we would normally expect from "Captain Sensible". I love it, you can hear the Captain is having fun, and just in case you think it's my poor rip (it is a bit scratched) the end is not a mistake. So check it out, it's worth it just for the one track.

Artist: Captain Sensible
Label: A&M
Year: 1982
1. Happy Talk
2. It
3. I Can't Stand It (Demo)

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then your in luck as you can still buy all three tracks plus lots more on his debut album here:

You can still buy a lot of the Captain Sensible stuff, a collection of his hits for only £2:99 here:
05 May 2003


Longy said...

However bad this is,I must admit I was chuffed when this got to number one in the charts! Our Captain did it!

Anonymous said...

yes,side a is crap but as always with Captain's records there's a lot more fun...i think his masterpiece was Strawberry Dross,the collection of little demos on the b side of Wot. In one of these little songs he's singing something like"coiffeur!roll my hair,i wanna be a hippy 'cause i really don't care"...a great man.cheers, Roberto

Ramon said...

wow what a rock´n´roll band...these are the damned albums i´ve got on cd.damned peel sessions,machine gun etiquette,final damnation,damned,damned singles,grave disorder,sessions,radio one sessions,noise,requiem,live at newcastle,captain mad cow & english men,the universe of Geofrey Brown,David Vanian Phantom...and I was in a live pub music bar concert during the eighties in london where DAMNED PLAYED.

Rupert Cook said...

But he's backed by the fabulous Dolly Mixture and I'm just as pleased they got to no.1. I can remember seeing this on TOTP and thinking that the world was perhaps sillier than I ever realised. Nowadays I look at what gets to no.1 and I realise that the world is dafter than I ever imagined.

Ramon said...

Excellent blog documentary,but what about to lossless downloads,or if not in 320 KBPS minimum quality.
We are not living in audio cassettes era.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy, I know what you mean I was glad the Captain finally made it.

Thanks for the comment Roberto, I agree with you I also love "Strawberry Dross"

Hi Rupert, it was good fun to see the Dolly Mixtures as well, there must be a video for this around, I'll have to have a look on youtube.

Hi Ramon, everyone needs to see the Damned they were brilliant. live. In terms of the rips your gonna have to live with whats here, as firstly I don't have tine to rip in lossless and most people don't have losseless players. Secondly 320 takes me longer to rip and upload, and I just don't have the time, and lastly as I don;t own the material I hope that by increasing awareness that more of this stuff will actually be released for purchase. So your just have to be content with what's here, or go and buy the originals.

Anonymous said...


many many thanks for the post
I had been looking for the B side for ages
I like what i read in the comments
Captain is still as weird as we can expect


waiting for your future posts cos I'm always searching for music !


garychching said...

Glad to help Eugene, and yep there's lots more to come.