Tuesday, 5 August 2014

999 - Lil Red Riding Hood 7"

This classic was originally released in the 60's by "Sam Sham and the Pharaohs" (you most probably know their biggest hit "Woolly Bully") and 999 have done a great job covering this with their 11th single. I usually prefer the original which is outstanding, but 999 have added that spaghetti western sound (you could also here this sound on their equally excellent 10th single "Obsessed" which you can still hear over at Punk Friction here).

"Lil Red Riding Hood" has also been covered by "Billy Childish" once as "Thee Headcoats" as a live track on "the Wurst is Yet To Come" and the better version with "Thee Might Caesars" on "Acropolis Now".

The cover had a stencil that i always wanted to use, but never got round to it, did anyone else use theirs?

I found a couple of badges as well the green one on the right was always my favourite and very rarely left my "Lewis" leather jacket.

So try them out and then leave a vote in the comments on which version you think is best.

Band: 999
Label: Albion
Year: 1981
1. Lil Red Riding Hood
2. Wait For Your Number To Be Called
3. I Ain't Gonna Tell Ya (Live At The Nashville)

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then you in luck as you can still buy their 5th album "Concrete which is one of my favourites and a return to form from their first two albums. All three tracks plus lots more on the CD reissue:
You also must check out Sam Sham and the Pharaohs and at only £2.98 how can you not buy this gem, both Lil' Red Riding Hood and Woolly Bully plus lots more:
The Best Of
and if you haven't got the brilliant "Acropolis Now" reissue with Lil Red Riding Hood and more you can buy that here:


jeffen said...

I'm gonna take the 999 version but partly because I heard it from a stash of punk vinyl discovered in my friend's basement in 1985.(999 were huge in Winnipeg, can't explain it.)

Longy said...

Cheers Gary. Believe it or not I've never heard the original of this (then again I'm not as old as you) so mucho gracious amigo :-)

garychching said...

Cheers Longy and Jeffen.

I always loved 999 even though many didn't, Nick Cash was excellent live and put shed loads of energy into their gigs, perhaps Winnipeg felt the same.

Now Longy lets make this clear I might be old but no that old :-)

arstider said...


Nice one. Always like this single a lot. And yes the Album was a great return. Funny I did have the green badge as well..... might still have it somewhere (just moved)

Gary and Longy, 1977 did I have the age to order a pint in UK Pubs did you?

If you still listen to the singles you two have on your great blogs then you are not that OLD! Age is just a number, it's how you behave that matters.......

Best wishes from Sweden

ps 999 gets the votes from the Swedish jury............

Anonymous said...

Hi, I arrived here via ad nauseum, found some things I had prior to dormitories, housemates, or flooding, so I wanted to say Thank-you, and to ask if anyone has either or both of the things I have not been able to find:The Suburban Lawns..."enjoy" and "flavour crystals" and I really would like to find this:

thank-you if you can help...I like the 999 but I also really like the version by The Bobs.


Longy said...

Arstider...I was only a mere 13 years old in '77 so getting a beer was a problem. I did manage to get into some gigs by 1978 though (so yes,Gary is an old man compared to me) ...........legs it off >>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Did 999 throw these badges out when playing live? Because I have two pink and three green in my box, and they are the only badges I have more than one of.
I did see 999 both at Gröna Lund and at Domino very early on, 77+78? or 78+79.

Best wishes,
Robert - Stockholm.

And yeah, I did see them at Odenplan a couple of years ago and they didn't throw any badges!

garychching said...

Ha! ha1 Brilliant Longy. I was 16-17 then so yep I am a fair bit older, used to see cheeky little whipper snappers like you at the gigs. i used to struggle to get in at the odd venue, never had any probs getting beer though, they didn't seem to care in those days.

Hi Robert, yes I think they did chuck them out, I can't remember buying badges (even though I've got a fairly big collection).

garychching said...

Woops missed a few more comments.

Arstider you can see my comments re age above.

Hi Bucephallus, thanks for the comment, I'm afraid I don't have any of the songs you are looking for, have you tried ISKSP -check the sidebar for link.

arstider said...

Hello again

Robert 999 did play Gröna Lund april/may 1978 instead of Styx..... then they played at Domino oktober/november 1978. I saw both or course..... :-D.
(didn't see the gig at Odenplan)

Best wishes from Sweden

The Wolfmen said...

Have you heard the Sakura and The Quests version of My Bonnie? Well worth a punt

garychching said...

Hi Wolfmen, no not heard that one, but thanks for the pointer I will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Always loved 999 and always wanted to see them live. They never put out a bad album, and THE BIGGEST PRIZE IN SPORT is my fave.

garychching said...

Hi anon, yep they were great live. The debut album is still my fave, but The Biggest Prize is a gem.