Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Can Anyone Help? - The Glasgow Music Scene From 1979 Onwards

I recently received the following email, and as I always like to help people out whenever I can, I'm hoping some of you in blog land will feel the same:

Hello Gary

I have enjoyed reading your blog. It was actually the post on the Venigmas record, Strangeglove, from last March that initially grabbed my attention.

I am researching Glasgow's music scene from 1979 until the present day (in an effort to gain a PhD) hence my interest in the Venigmas.

At the moment I am focusing on what Glasgow was like in 1979 and uploaded a survey to this

I would be really grateful if you could mention this on your blog. I have been impressed by the number of responses you receive - again, particularly with the Venigmas post.
I would be grateful for any help you can provide to promote my survey. Thanks (in anticipation) Bob Anderson

So if anyone was around the Glasgow music scene in 1979, please have a go at the survey.


Longy said...

A good place to ask would be on this message board Gary/Bob


Theres a few resisant Scots on there and some very knowledgable ole Punks

Anonymous said...

Try Here


Some good knowledge on this board

garychching said...

Cheers Longy and anon, I'm sure Bob will check these out.

shrubstik said...

Also probably worth putting it up on the Teenage Fanclub message board here as many of the boarders are Glaswegian and into music:

Bob said...

Thanks to everyone for those suggestions - will follow them up.