Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Slits / The Pop Group Split Single 7"

Split single with "The Slits" and "The Pop Group" from the excellent "Rough Trade" label. I bought this as a Slits fan, with no knowledge of The Pop Group. On first play I can remember being disappointed and filed it in my collection and forgot about it for a while. Then a couple of months later I pulled it out and put it on again and I don't know what happened but I loved "In The Beginning There Was Rhythm" with it's punk/funk/reggae dub sound. The other side from the Pop Group and "Where There's A Will" never grew on me, even though it had a similar sound (not surprising in that both bands shared drummer and manager). The Pop Group split up in 1981 and later on band members went on to form Pigbag and Rip Rig and Panic.

But a usual I'll leave it to you to comment on which side you prefer.

Band: The Slits/The Pop Group
Label: Rough Trade
Year: 1980
1. In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
2. Where There's A Will

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then your in luck you can still buy the Pop Groups debut album here:
Y [Remastered and Expanded]
and there's lots to choose from the Slits, in my opinion their debut is the best:
but if you like the sound of this post then try this:

In the Beginning (A Live Anthology)


michaelDUSTdevil said...

nice to have this back... well, in some form at least... Mxxx

Longy said...

Nice one Gary. I forgot all about this one. Cheers mate.

PS I hope you lose today :-)

Anonymous said...

I missed out The Pop Group way back. But decided to check them out when I saw an episode in the second season of Life On Mars. One o the criminals wore a Pop Group t-shirt in one of the episodes, the one with Thatcher on/v-sign. I remembered the t-shirt, but not the music.

Always liked the Slits.
Robert - Stockholm

crozier said...

Are you familiar with Rough Trade's 1980 comp "Wanna Buy A Bridge?" Pretty amazing bunch of songs, and both The Slits ("Man Next Door") and The Pop Group ("We Are All Prostitutes") are featured, along with most of Rough Trade's A-list bands (although not The Fall -- "Totally Wired" would've been an apt inclusion). It took me years to find it, but I did, about 10 years ago, and eventually ripped an acceptable CD. But nowadays you can find all of the WBAB songs via iTunes or eMusic -- except for The Pop Group track.

Link to Discogs site featuring WBAB copies for sale, not cheap:

Jeronyme said...

Orson Family's live LP "Bugles, Guitars & Amphetamine" posted here:


Andrew Sherman said...


Rupert Cook said...

For a while I thought that there was no point anyone making another record after She Is Beyond Good And Evil came out. Of course that moment lasted five minutes. I remember buying the Slits LP in Virgin and thinking how glorious mud-smeared breasts looked.

BTW Gary I know you're frustrated by my mysterious/imaginary bands that populate my chart so if you want I'll burn you a CD with a selection of tracks. You may love it or loathe it. Just email me your address if you want this exclusive service.

Anonymous said...

HI just discovered your blog & I love it
I was thinking that you might be able to help. I've been looking for ages at Captain sensible 's second 7" happy talk because of the B-side which seems impossible to find
5'22 It / I Can't Stand It (demo)
would be great if you could help
anyway thanx a million for your blog

garychching said...

Hi Michael thanks for the comment and sorry my rip is not great, I think I played this one too much.

Cheers Longy, oh we didn't lose :-)

Hi Robert I also saw the same program and noticed the t-shirt, but I forgot to go back and try out this single.

Hi Crazier thanks for the comment, yep I did know about the Rough Trade comp, I think I even had it once, but can't find it anymore (I did sell a load of stuff a while back now).

Hi Jeronyme, and thanks for the new Orson link, much appreciated,

Cheers Andrew

Rupert, I'm with you on the Slits mud crusted cover. I would love to take you up on your offer, can we swap emails? Mine is in my profile, is your there? I will have a look.

And lastly Eugene, thanks for the kind comment and yes I can help, you will have to give em some time to dig it out of one of the many boxes its stashed in. I was surprised no one had already posted it.

Toxo said...

nice post!

garychching said...

Thanks Toxo