Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Captain Crawl Repost

A big thank you to Chris from Captain Crawl for answering this post and giving some info on how Captain Crawl works (check out the comments for his reply).

Captain Crawl is back on ASFM.

I have left the orginal post below so anyone intrested can see the comments in context.

I have decided to give it the Heave Ho!, for three reasons:
  1. When I search for any ASFM posts, it doesn't find any of them (even though I have tried submitting more than a few times now)
  2. When I search for posts from most of the blogs in my links list, it doesn't find any of them either (try it)
  3. When I look for a contact or way to communicate with Captain Crawl to tell them, I can't find one.
So on that basis, goodbye me hearties to Captain Crawl.

If anyone does find a way to make it work then please let me know.

For now anyone searching will just have to use good old Google Blog Search here.


Lazy Rod said...

I've had a similar problem with them too...
Not one to be beaten I just re-submitted my blog details every day and at last some (not all) of my posts are there.
So I guess if you keep trying it will happen eventually!
Hope that helps

IMI said...

I discovered Cpt. Crawl because they were linking to my blog and I'd never heard of it. I didn't submit anything.

Then apx 3 months ago, very little of my stuff was in there. Then I'm back in again. Out-In-Out-In...

The site was down for about a month and I thought it was dead. I couldn't find any information on it. Then it reappeared again. Maybe they had a problem of some sort?

Anyway, it's a mysterious site. I've never heard of inks going dead because of it. But I wish the owners/operators of it were known.

Longy said...

Sometimes it shows up my stuff and sometimes it doesn't. Its a wierd one.

Btw Congratulations on last night.

Lazy Rod said...

I've just got an email from them!
The guy's name is Chris Fux and you can email him at:
Maybe he can get you indexed.

Chris from CaptainCrawl said...

he guys, this is chris from captaincrawl !
i really really like to say a few things bout your posts:

1. CC tries to contact each blog listed there, but most blogs don't have an email contact or similar.

2. CC is - like every other search engine - NOT SHOWING POSTS IN REALTIME !!! this means, the cc-database is updated as often as possible, but not every day. it's a private project and it has very limited "server power". this means most posts are listed 2-3 days after they were originally posted.
even google, one of the biggest server system on the planet, is not able to show new posts on your site within some days (!).

3. CC uses the most modern feed crawling engine available, CC is also part of some feed-developing communities. if you can't find your blog there, the problem is on YOU ! really! sorry, but most people are posting totally crippled feeds, without readable titles, or using very questionable "services" like feedburner. it's a tricky ting to index things that don't wont to be listed.

4. there WERE some methods to contact CC, but the people misused it. sorry, cant read 1000 mails daily and discuss with people that cannot even speak a little bit of a major language. if you like, you can contact CC via captaincrawl@googlemail.com

5. @ASFM-owner: your blog is listed, try to search for posts from a few days ago, not from today. ;)

6. there were "broken updates" in 2008 and 2009, thats why some posts are missing. but if you have proper back archives in your blog, these will be listed in summer 2009 ;)

so guys, hopefully this was helpful, contact me if you like,

garychching said...

Thanks Rob, IMI and Longy.

Chris thanks for your reply, I will email you, I hhave a couple more quesitons but as you can see CC is back.

Anonymous said...

it says at the bottom of Craptain Crawl page that:

"This is CaptainCrawl.com - A very nice music blog search engine."

not really so nice.. apart from the shitty soft porn ads on his pages and a really god awful search engine that doesnt return any useful results..its really just a lame imitation of some other better ones out there.. he just got a bit popular coz he was spamming all those shoutboxes a while back..

oh well, i dont mind that his site is pretty crap its just all that stuff about being so 'NICE' that gets me.. then he blames the problem on (quote) 'YOU' and other people who dont happen to speak his language etc etc

Anonymous said...

As a user I have found CC easy to use and useful.Please don't whinge about a free service.. if you don't like it don't use it. Simple. Thanks for this post and the efforts you have made to get this information.

garychching said...

To anon, I have to say I agree with you re the porn adverts, I'd prefer them not to be there, but as Glen says its free, and with free you often get things you don't like.

I am with Glen re that it has found me what I've been looking for a number of times so I'm not complaining.

Quesiotn to anon I'm intrested to know what are the other, better, search engines you mention?

Shandy said...

What's up with it now?? I can't find CC anymore... I used it as a helpful part of a balanced search. Why does everything good have to be taken away? ...All the people who made money on this whole planet will sure have fun with it when they're all dead.. grrr.. (no specific threat lol - just frustrated - think all the greedy jerks need to remember it's not forever and maybe music MUSIC is of a little more value ..) done. I hope we can find another Captain Crawl ~bless~

Anonymous said...

I just discovered CC a couple of days ago and found some really cool stuff on it (Pop-O-Pies !!!)

Went to my bookmark a day latter, typed in a search and nothing, tried again and again, Nothing.

Way to go GODADDY.

Anonymous said...

Damn - this was something to have a look for something that has only some hits.
Anyone has an idea what happened?
Anyone has found anything like it?
Please - life is short and Captain Crawl really was helpful.


garychching said...

to everyone who is asking about Captain Crawl, have you tried emailing Chris? at captaincrawl@googlemail.com

garychching said...

I emailed Chris and here's the reply:

heyy there,

cc is still up [ ] but cc's domain provider got bankrupt (!!),
so that's a big problem. but i think i will fix this in the next few days...
anyway, cc's server will never go down, in worst case there will be a new name
for this entire project ;)

thanks for your support

Anonymous said...


thanx a lot for the investigation :-)

garychching said...

No Problem anon, I was curious as well.

microfilmed said...

The captaincrawl twitter said that the website would be back up on July 1st, but alas, it's still down. =[ Wonder what's up.

garychching said...

Hi Microfilmed you can still access Captain Crawl via the address in the comments a couple above this one. I don't know what keeping it from the normal link, but Chris is pretty responsive, so give him a try.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



garychching said...

Hi Betty, thanks for taking the time to comment and I'm glad you like the blog, look forward to seeing you around.

the searcher said...

I use CC a lot and find it very useful for tracking down all sorts of stuff .. and it's free, and despite some guy saying there are better searches he couldn't come up with any names .. what a whinger! OK it disappeared for a while but I checked every now and then and one day it came back .. I started using it again and it works just fine. Thanks Captain.

garychching said...

Thanks Searcher, and I'm with you CC works fine for me.

Moab Utah said...

Yeah have to comment on my support for CC. It's been a wonderful tool to track down many rarities and I am very grateful to Chris for maintaining the site.

Currently, it appears to be having a few database issues but I've no doubt it will be back.

garychching said...

Cheers Moab, Chris said CC will always be there, so yep I'm sure it will be back.

Chris said...

hey, I just have to comment on something i've read here:

Quote: ("then he blames the problem on (quote) 'YOU' and other people who dont happen to speak his language etc etc")

That's absolutly NOT what I said, dude! People write to me in totally unknown languages (not possible to translate them with google translater, i mean google translates but the words make no sense) - I try to reply in english, french and spanish, but they still don't understand - and then they write again in CAPS LOCK LETTERS and it gets strange... happens quite often. this is what I meant.

garychching said...

Hi Chris, no problem mate, that commwent was somwtime ago and I never actually got what he was on a about

All the best

stupiddle said...

I don't recall seeing porn on CC. Hey, wait ... Was that a complaint?

garychching said...