Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Heartbeats - Pulsator LP

This posting is spookily coincidental with the posting of one of their singles 'Go' over at the excellent Deadbeats and No Ones here.

I think this is the Heartbeats one and only album released in 1981 on Ariola records. The tracks range from pure power pop to (light) rock, the power pop ones (I'll Be True, Stuck On You, Look At The Eyes, Don't Leave Me Tonight, Mean To Me, and Thinking Of You - in that order) being my favorites. I don't know anything about the Heartbeats except that someone called John Wilson wrote and produced every song.

Does anyone know anything more about the Heartbeats? if so then leave a comment.

Band: The Heartbeats
Label: Ariola
Year: 1981
Album Pulsator
1. Don't Leave Me Tonight
2. Don't Do It
3. Well, Well, Well
4. Look At The Eyes
5. In The Name Of Love
6. Mean To Me
7. Stuck On You
8. Into The Night
9. Thinking Of You
10. Long Time
11. Out Of My Way
12. I'll Be True

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl


Mike Ether said...
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Mike Ether said...

Sorry Gary, I was wrong. These Heartbeats came from London and were fronted by John Wilson who had previously played in The Dodgers. They released three singles and one album between 1980-1982. Split up in 1982.

Line Up:
Robin Boult : Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Edgar Rowe : Drums & Percussion
John Wilson : Vocals, Bass, Guitar & Keyboards

Talk To Me 7'' 1980
Don't Leave Me Tonight 7'' 1981
I'll Be True 7'' 1981
Pulsator LP 1981

The other Heartbeats were from Orpington, Kent with Kevan Willison on guitar/vocals, Colin Donaldson (bass) and Chris Westerman (later in Normil Hawaiians) on drums.


Hi Gary,
I cant say I ever heard this one. Thank you, and thanks for the comments.I have the other Plastic Idols single but, thanks just the same.I think your site is outstanding. I will add you to my blog roll as well.
Thanks again

garychching said...

Hi Mike thanks for the extra info, much appreciated.

Cheers Frank

bristolboy said...

here's what I know of the Heartbeat releases (UK releases if not mentioned

7 talk to me/don’t want romance –red shadow
7p talk to me/don’t want romance –red shadow (Dutch)
7 talk to me/don’t want romance – 7 (Oz)
7p here come the jets/lies – rca
7p don’t leave me tonight/don’t do it – ariola (Dutch)
7p don’t leave me tonight/don’t do it – vertigo (German)
7 I’ll be true/Paris - rca
7p I’ll be true/look at the eyes – ariola (Dutch)
7p magic man/boys in the band – rca

garychching said...

Hi Bristolo boy thanks for the extra info, they did a lot more than I knew of.

Anonymous said...

Singer and bass player Johnny Wilson was Mari Wilson's brother and at one time her manager, he had a great voice and live presence. The Heartbeats built up an enthusiastic fan base in West London in the 80's and were expected to make it big, but for some reason didn't and disappeared. Their cover of "Stay with me, baby" is one of the best I ever heard. Pulsator is ok but doesn't do them justice, they were a great live band.