Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Devo - Come Back Jonee 7"

I think this was Devo's 5th single (anyone?) and the first released on Virgin. Come back Jonee is readily available. But as is often the way with 7" singles, the b-side 'Social Fools' has only just been released on the reissue of their debut album, which is a little annoying when you already have a copy. There is another version (not so good) on the album 'Hardcore Volume 1 1974-77.

Both tracks are brilliant, but Social Fools is my favourite, and if you like Devo you will love this. The lyrics are on the back so a high resolution scan is included as usual.

This time they continue their weirdness with the cover, as you can see from the scans you get a free sticker which you can stick on the heard of the statue to complete the picture!!!.

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

Band: Devo
Label: Virgin
Year: 1978
1. Come Back Jonee
2. Social Fools

If you like this then you can buy their excellent debut album with both tracks here plus a lot more here:
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo/DEV-O Live


Longy said...

Yep I think it was their 5th single but like you I'm not 100% on it Gary. Cheers for this one matey. Love it.

Sra. Tuppence Beresford said...

Devo is until today one of my favourite bands ever (along with the B-52's - i just saw "Rock Lobster" here in your blog as well). Rumour says they're finally releasing a new album this year!

And Social Fools is definitely one of my fav songs from the spuds! Love every version of it - including the Hardcore one. Is this version from Come Back Jonee the same as the Social Fools featured on the Be Stiff EP? I noticed some small differences, but maybe it's just my imagination...

Congrats on your blog! Really loved it!

Cheers from Brazil - sorry my bad english...


garychching said...

Cheers Longy, hoe could anyone not.

Hi Marianna, thanks for the comment and your English is great.

I'm not sure whether its the same as the be Stiff EP as I don;t have that one. Its most probably the same one, and I know what you mean, I sometimes listen and think I can hear differences. I then have to rely on track length, etc.

The Rock Lobster post is a different version to the album and later re-release of the single.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary, it's been quite a while since I dont comment here...

Supposedly Marianna is right. The 'Be Stiff' B-side was Devo-produced but the one here was produced by Brian Eno. What I don't know is if the takes are the same with different mixes / production or they are different takes; I hadn't checked it still cos I didn't have this version here... Thanks!

Fernando :)

garychching said...

Hi Fernando, good to hear from you again. I can't answer the question whether their mixes or different takes, but its great to hear the different versions.

Asbo said...

My one had the sticker on it when I bought it, but I decided to have a look under it and it wouldn't stay stuck when I put it back so it got lost :(
Mine was a grey vinyl (think I posted it last year).

Blog still great Gary, first visit in a while.

garychching said...

Hi Asbo cheers for the comment and the compliment, much appreciated. There wasn't much under the sticker in the end either.

ginchopolis said...

This version is different than the Be Stiff EP.

garychching said...

Correct ginchopolis

Anonymous said...

I just remember I still owed this blog the result of research... just to see that ginchopolis told the truth about it. So, Marianna was right. Different Social Fools. Two Devo takes are better than one for sure :D And then add the one(s?) in the Hardcore devo comp/s.
Fernando :)

garychching said...

Hey Fernando thanks for coming pack and updating everyone.