Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Yeah Yeah Noh - Prick Up Your Ears EP

This was "Yeah Yeah Noh's" third single which was a three track ep released on "In Tape". "Yeah Yeah Noh" based in Leicester have been likened to "the Fall", and you can see why some would say that, but in my opinion they are a bit too upbeat and have their own sound.

The a-side "Prick Up Your Ears" (same name of the Joe Orton film and biography) I assume is all about Joe Orton the British playwright who was murdered by his jealous gay lover (considering there is a picture on the label and his name is mentioned on the back cover). On the b-side is the brilliant "Brown Shirts", a real catchy number that will have you dancing around, last up is a real gem its "Bias Binding" which was a stage favourite but this version is performed by "Terry and Gerry" (the well known alt skiffle band from Birmingham) with "Yeah Yeah Noh" backing them. I alway loved "Terry and Gerry" in my opinion one of the best bands to see live, I have never seen any other band that managed to get crowd participation on every track. I think you can tell what my favourite is here, but don't let it distract from the "Yeah Yeah Noh" stuff which is equally good.

A few etchings on this one, on the a-side "Harry was a Baby Sitter" and on the b-side "For Norman Tebbit"

Try this then leave a comment and tell ASFM what you think of Yeah Yeah Noh (and Terry and Gerry)

Band: Yeah Yeah Noh
Label: In Tape
Year: 1984
1. Prick Up Your Ears
2. Brownshirt
3. Bias Binding (Performed by Terry and Gerry)

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then you are in luck, there is an excellent "best of" album, which also has Bias Binding as performed by Yeah Yeah Noh.
Leicester Square: the Best of Yeah Yeah Noh
Leicester Square: the Best of Yeah Yeah Noh

Also their first official album "Cutting the Heavenly Lawn of Greatness ... Last Rites for the God of Loveover" at the Twilight Zone, then follow this link.

and their first album "when I am a Big Girl", which was a collection of their first three single including this one (apart from the Terry and Gerry version) over at Phoenix Hairpins, then follow this link.
and if you like the Terry and Gerry Stuff, you can get all their material (debut album plus all singles and b-sides) except for this one on iTunes as well as an excellent first album and singles here on CD:
Let's Get the Hell Back to Lubbock
Let's Get the Hell Back to Lubbock


Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary. Never heard these before.Good stuff........I'm gonna grab the others too!


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Terry and Jerry, shit, forgot all about them, saw em supporting pogues once, i've got a peel session of theirs knocking about, i'll have to give it a listen and maybe post it.

garychching said...

Glad you liked them Longy.

I have a John Peel session and a decent live radio show as well if your interested.

garychching said...

Hi Nuzz would like the T&G john Peel session. I also have a couple of decent live radio concerts.

If anyone is interested then leave a comment.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

RE: pEEl session Gary, After checking out the web it appears they did 2, but now here's the rub, my tape says it's a peel session, but it doesn't correspond with songs they recorded for the 2 mentioned, my tape has clothes shop clothes/wait until yer older/hello/butters on the bread. I'm still gonna post it. Hadn't played it for years till your post, now can't stop playing it, great stuff.

garychching said...

hi Nuzz, who cares mate, bring it on, if its a new version I look forward to hearing it.

Mark said...

Can you rehost please. I am after the T&G version of Bias Binding especially as they are now performing later this year. You can go and see them live again!

garychching said...

Mark, email me and I'll send you the files. Email link is in my profile.