Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bizarros - Lady Doubonette

This is "Bizarros" debut single which was four track ep released in 1976 on Gorilla Records. Another excellent donation from the Bruce Rhodes collection. "Bizarros" were from Akron, Ohio and formed in 1976, their music was compared to "The Velvet underground" and you will see why with the nearly spoken vocals, and the excellent guitar riffs. No picture cover for this one.

First up is the brilliant "Lady Doubonette" my favourite track of the four, the guitar riffs just get stuck in your head and you will be humming them for ages afterwards. Second up is "I Bizarro", on the first listen this was my least favourite but I'm changing my mind as I'm listening to it. "Without a Reason" is another little gem, dam there all so good and different it's difficult to choose. Last up "Nova" sounds a bit more punk (but still very Velvet Underground).

I give up I can't choose, so why don't you all listen, choose one track and leave a comment, and we can see which one is most liked.

Band: Bizarros
Label: Gorilla
Year: 1976
1. Lady Doubonette
2. I Bizarro
3. Without A Reason
4. Nova

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this I'm sad to say that their back catalogue (follow this link to Bizarros home page) does not appear to be available any longer, but on the same link you will see that they are planning on releasing some new material soon.


Bruce R said...

Hi ya Gary!

Right....., I'll cast the first vote.
For me , it's definately "Lady Doubonette" ! I love the cool guitar run which kinda sends shivers down yer spine and tickles you at the end! (uh Man!).

Great song! One of my first punk 45's, along with French band Warm Gun (Stay tuned, EP coming soon?) I remember NME gave it a rave revue ATT.
They're second 45 is also good. The album isn't quite as interesting though.

garychching said...

Hi Bruce, looks like 2 - 0 for Lady Doubonette so far

Anonymous said...

2 1

I'm going for track 3 "Without A Reason" I've got my mellow head on. Dig those guitars!

Cheers Gary/Bruce


John A said...

I think it's probably Lady Doubonette for me too!

I don't really hear the Velvets so much as Roxy Music, particularly with that Phil Manzanera soundalike lead guitar all over the place. Thanks for posting this - this is a really interesting one and not at all like I was expecting it to sound.

Nathan Nothin said...

Thanks for this one.
Although I'm living in the Golden State now, I'm originally from NW Pennsylvania, not far from Akron,OH, & I had the pleasure of seeing The Bizarros several times in the late 70s.
Their split 12" FROM AKRON with the Rubber City Rebels is really great. Babbler posted it on Born in the Basement.
Since we're all voting here,I'm going with "I Bizarro".
Great to have you back, Gary.

Nathan Nothin said...

The correct Born in the Basement page is here.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy, that just how I felt when I first heard this, the guitar riffs are excellent on all of the tracks.

garychching said...

Hi John thanks for your comment. I have their debut album which is completely different so I was taken by surprise with this one,

garychching said...

Hey Nathan good to hear from you and thanks for the link, I am sure everyone appreciates it.

All the best

Anonymous said...

I also have this and vote for 1. lady dubonette 2. bizarro
I too hear the roxy connection more than the velvets

great old stuff, great blog

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment anon.

Looks like Lady Dubonette is the fave here.

starson45 said...

i am selling this record on ebay...


garychching said...

Good luck Starson

Loinchop said...

Geez, what a wonderful record-- thanks for posting! I was going to comment on the Roxy similarities too. Almost sort of Roxy-meets-Blue Öyster Cult.

For fun tho: play Stone Roses' "Fools Gold" back to back with Dubonette sometime.

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment Loinchop, glad you enjoyed, it is a classic and I was amazed when I first heard it.

I'll try out the Stone Roses this weekend.

All the best

Novemberer said...

Hey, many thanks for this. Wanted to hear more Bizarros since I copped "Young Girls At Markey" c/o Jon Savage's ace England's Dreaming comp - am really looking forward to hearing this...

garychching said...

Hi Novemberer, thanks for the comment. You will love this, so enjoy. I also read England's Dreaming, great book.