Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Vinchucas - Desconocido

Right then, back to punk, but something a little different again, punk from Chile. This is courtesy of Pepe another ASFM visitor who also provided the following words:

These tracks come from a rehearsal in 1987, and a band called "Vinchucas" who formed in the early 80's. these songs were composed between 1982-83 but were never properly recorded (a few videos and live tapes exist). "Vinchucas" are considered as one of the pioneers of punk in Chile, although punk did not exist at that time: they were just angry lads from a working class area, frustrated , alienated and full of scorn at the dictatorship of Pinochet (1973-90). they electrified classic rock 'n' roll and who got access to some LP's of "the Clash". They changed their name in 1984 and became known as the "Los Prisoneros". With this new name they recorded three classic album of South American rock: "La Voz De Los '80" (Dec 1984), "Pateando Piedras" (1986), and "la Cultura de la Basura" (1987). In the mid 80's their music was a huge boost to the waves of protest against the regime, and their songs were censored, banned, and many of their concerts canceled. After the last of their albums they had to leave the country in 1988 because of mounting pressure form the dictatorship, to a virtual exile.

While they were at the peak of their career in 1987 they decided to re-record some of their old stuff and this is what came out of that studio session. It has never been officially released (although some of the song do appear on a 2000 compilation).

The band members were: Miguel Tapia (Drums), Claudio Narea (Guitar) and Jorge Gonzalez (Bass and Vocals)

Even though none of these songs are in English, they are F***ing outstanding, the more you play them the more they grow on you. I wish I could speak the lingo, instead of just making similar sounds to match the tune. I was going to say which ones best, but I can't. I love "Invitado de Honor" at a massive 1.08 mins long this will have you jumping around, these songs are perfect punk with some classic guitar riffs, harmony and of course some excellent "1234" pure punk.

Try them out and see what you think, and leave a comment to tell ASFM and Pepe which track you like best, and to thank Pepe for introducing some excellent music.

Band: Vinchucas
Label: 1987
Year: 1987
1. King Kong
2. Ladrones Y Policias
3. Dejen Respirar
4. Generacion de Mierda
5. Invitado de Honor

Ripped from Pepe's glorious scratched vinyl (see comment for link).

If you like this, there is lot of choice on Amazon for "Los Prisoneros", the best of can be found in the link below:
Grandes Exitos
Grandes Exitos


garychching said...


You know what to do

Anonymous said...

You're right,even though its not sung in English you can still enjoy. Excellent.

Thanks to Pepe for offering this.

garychching said...

Cheers anon, glad you enjoyed

Capa Nostra said...

I was very surprised when i saw this post. "Los Prisioneros" have been one of the most influential and important band from Chile (my country). They made music in very difficult times, full of censorship and military represion everywhere, so they didn't get the musical recognition they deserve.
So i'm very happy that you mention

There are great albums in your blog, I just added a link. Visit mine and maybe you can find some album you like.

Greetings from Chile.

garychching said...

Hi Capa nostra, thanks for your comment, it was all down to Pepe, I had never heard of them, but I'm real glad that he did.

Nice blog you have, I've added a link, keep it up

Toxik Boys (sorry for my english) said...

Amazing post.
Since 1979 some people hear punk and n.wave in chile, but something called "scene" didn't exist until the late eighties in Santiago (the Chilean capital). The main reason was undoubtedly the military dictatorship...
Perhaps I'm wrong, but Vinchucas never considered themselves a punk band. I think, the first chilean punk band was Orgasmo, who obviously never released a record.
They was formed circa 1984 when a japanese friend from school exchanged punk records with them (Black Flag, DK, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Vibrators and new wave stuff).

garychching said...

Hi Toxik Boys, don't apololigise for your English, its great. I'm sure your right about them not considering themselves as Punk, but their music sure sounds punk to me.

Thanks for the extra info and glad you liked the post. All the best