Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Request Time 2

OK rockers it's request time 2. ASFM needs your help.

So come on now someone out there must have these songs, and we want to hear them. Some of these were from Request Time 1 which we got a mixed response, so it's worth another go.

Number one, the one I want to hear more than anything:

The Evening Outs - Channel/Stammer on Refill Records RR5 1979 (if anyone has a copy they want to sell as well, then drop me a line as I know someone who wants it - You never know Rupert).

Second up (and i don't know if these even exist, but if they do we want to hear them):

Time Through Everybody's Eyes / ? (Grand Prix GP-012, 1983)
1984 / Mushroom Music (Grand Prix GP-014, 1983)

and lastly for me:

The Cybermen - You're To Blame (both sides - we did get an old tape rip of the a-side from Matt M, but if anyones got a nice scratched vinyl rip then perfect)

The following are requests from other ASFM visitors, and if they want to hear them, then they must be good:

1st up for Longy:

Stiff Little Fingers
EP they did with Listen on it - 33 and a 3rd

and we asked for these last time, but no one responded, so lets try again:

Vertical Hold (3 singles Longy knows of)
1) Rubber Cross bw Injustice
2) Angel Dust bw Four years/Dub Years
3) Biohazard/The Time That War Won (double a side)
OK next up is for JamFan:

bodies machinery/ art nouveau single from 79 and the
ignerents radio interference / wrong place wrong time single also 79

Last up is for Herve:

Captain Sensible - second single B-side called "it/I don't like it (demo)

So can anyone help?


Aesop said...

Thought you might enjoy this...


arstider said...

Sorry I have nothing of this

Best wishes from Sweden

garychching said...

Longy you will be pleased I have got hold the SLF "Listen2 EP.

Coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Gary, you are a star!

Rupert Cook said...

Thanks Gary. You are indeed a star.

I have the Ignerents single. Picked it up in a charity shop about five years ago. There were two copies and I stupidly only bought the one for 50p. Next week I went back to get the other one and it had gone.

I think I have the Cybermen on a compilation. I'll have to check.

English Paul said...

Well I have a tape of the VERTICAL HOLD Rubber Cross 7" but the B side cuts out a little early. I an send it if you like....


garychching said...

Excellent Rupert, are you going to post, or do you want me to? Happy either way.

garychching said...

Hi English Paul, go for it mate, I'll take them in any form.

garychching said...

Well done Aesop. keep an eye thought they will be back.

Rupert Cook said...

I'm away at the moment in Oxford and then off to Wales tomorrow. Will be back on wednesday and I can send you the tracks via email if you like.

garychching said...

Hi Rupert, no hurry, whenever you get the time will be great. Emails fine as well. Thanks very much.

Peter - KBD Records said...

Hi Gary!
I have the Ignerents-Radio Interference 7" ripped and ready to post. But why not posted it here too as soon as you get a rip :). By the way I´ve linked you at last. Did put up the link a couple of months ago in case you haven´t notice. Keep rocking.

garychching said...

Hi Peter thanks for the offer of posting Igenerents and thanks for putting the link up. Strangely enough on the same day as your offer I got a vinyl rip of the Igenerents, nice and scratched so I will post and point at KBD as well, so people can choose the most (or least) scratched copy.

All the best

garychching said...

Hey Rupert thanks very much. Will get round to posting next week.

Pat Eisenhauer said...

2nd Cybermen ep
decent sounding 224
ripped from two separate comps I believe.


garychching said...

Hi Pat, thanks for the link and taking the time to comment, its also a little spooky as I got the rips for this single from another source a day before your comment.