Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Victimize - Baby Buyer Repost

Another repost, and this time Andy Johnson, Victimize guitarist has added some extra information to some of the earlier comments, and more importantly has left information that this single plus their second single with booklet sleeve is now available on CD directly from Andy. So if your interested:
1. Go to the comments
2. Follow the link via Andy's name to his blogger profile
3. Then click on his email link and start talking

Another donation from Paulspizzle, so leave a comment and thank him for submitting this little gem. Originally named 'Red alert and the Rejects' from Wales (Barry) and formed in 1976, changed their name to Victimize in 1978 and released 'Baby Buyer as their debut single.

Baby Buyer was refused radio airplay due to the lyrics, and 'Hi Rising Failure' was played instead, which in my opinion was the better of the two tracks anyway. 'Baby Buyer' is a classic example of late seventies punk, the b-side 'Hi Rising Failure has a brilliant simple catchy riff that get stuck in your head and you just have to keep playing it.

So which one do you like best? Leave a comment.

Band: Victimize
Label: IME
Year: 1979
1. Baby Buyer
2. Hi Rise Failure

Ripped from Paulspizzles glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this and want to hear their second single, then get in touch with Andy Johnson and buy your copy now.


John Liedown said...

Baby Buyer, this was compulsorary where I come from. Great stuff.
Oh yeah, the second single ain't really them either.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Mr Spizzle.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Gary and yes cheers Mr Spizzle. Not sure which track I like best as I like both. Another band I've never heard of so cheers for the education.


garychching said...

Hi john, even though it is not the same band is the second single any good? and do you have it?

garychching said...

Hi Longy, same here it was new to me, so it's always good to find a new old punk classic.

Adrian T.Vell said...

Well i finally dug out the Tanz der Youth session and also found a live collaboration betwenn hawkwinds robert calvert and Rat from the damned.
If you want to post the TDY session on your blog please feel free.




Fuckin great single, i prefer High Rise Failure myself, although Baby Buyer is also great. I dont remember the second single other than to say it had a blue cover!I'll play this to the unsuspecting folk of West Auckland next show if i can get the thing downloaded.

garychching said...

Hi Herbivore, thanks for your comment. did you play this on your show?

ANDY J said...

Hi gents & gals,

Andy johnson here, guitarist with Victimize. The 2nd single 'Where did the money go?' c/w 'Innocence' WAS by the same band. All 4 tracks were recorded in late 1978 in Hayes, Middx, England. It was released after the band split, in Feb 1980, by our ex-manager. Innocence was a cover of John Cooper Clarkes 'Innocents'. All 4 tracks can be found on CD (with info booklet sleeve) by contacting me.

link rae said...

a cover of innocents ... now i'm curious !

garychching said...

I agree Link, when I get sorted out I'm gonna get a copy.