Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Lost T-Shirts of Atlantis Repost

The last few weeks has had a few band members contacting ASFM with updates and extra info on their posts, which has led me to make a number of reposts.

This time Chris (Drummer) from 'The Lost T-Shirt Of Atlantis' has left some comments (check them out for extra info) and there's good news for anyone liking their music, and looking for those two difficult to find albums. Chris has added both albums and a few live tracks on the new Lost T-Shirts of Atlantis Facebook site which you can find here. So get yourself over there and check them out.

A different type of posting for ASFM today. In the early 90's (or was it late 80's?) me and a few friends went on a pub crawl in London. I can't even remember the area now but we wondered into a pub where "The Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis" were playing.

None of us had heard of them before, but they immediately took our attention, when they did a folk/skiffle version of 70's rock band "Hawkwind" and their classic "Silver Machine" (note this is way before bands like the "Hayseed Dixies" thought that covering rock bands in folk/skiffle style would be cool). So we stayed to the end and had a brilliant night, and at the end of the gig they were selling cassettes of some of their songs (including Silver Machine) so I bought a copy and this is what I am posting today. As usual before I posted I did a check to see if anyone had heard of them before and was surprised to find that they had released two CD's (unfortunately no longer available - has anyone out there got them?), and even more surprised to find that there was one album still available on iTunes. As a couple of these tracks are still available I have removed them from this posting (but you can get them over on iTunes, and if you do like this then you will love the three missing tracks).

Their own tracks are good but I have to say I love some of these covers, as well as Silver Machine, they cover "Folsom Prison Blues", and if you were born in the 60's you would also recognize "Stingray" and "Fireball XL5" and lastly "Wipe Out" originally by the "Surfaris". So try out this tape and then get over and buy those missing tracks at "iTunes" (and help out the Lost T-Shirts of Atlantis).

Leave a comment and tell ASFM what you think of "The Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis".

Band: The Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis
Label: ??
Year: 1990's
1. Folsom Prison Blues
2. Fine, Fine, Fine
3. let Her Go
4. Had Some Money
5. Cripple Creek/Sweet Babies Arms
6. Elk Mountain (get this on iTunes)
7. Green (get this on iTunes)
8. Round and Round (get this on iTunes)
9. T-Shirt Shuffle
10. Luv, Luv
11. Silver Machine
12. Fireball XL5
13. Fireball XL5 pt. 2
14. Stingray
15. Wipe Out

Ripped from glorious a hissing cassette.

If you like this then you can still get one of their albums "The Day is Yours" (3 missing tracks from this posting and lots more on iTunes:

Plus you can find these difficult to find albums here at Facebook

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More Reverb on the Duck

CD: The Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis - Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis (The)CD: The Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis


Anonymous said...

I saw Sex Pistols in Borlänge, Sweden, last month, and they played Silver Machine as third encore.
Robert - Stockholm

Aesop said...

Thought you might want the address of the host of downmining, the blog that has stolen from you and me, my last 35 posts, even the ones railing his site.


I wrote them and provided examples, they wrote back very fast and seemed interested in sorting it out. The site is still up but maybe if enough people complain...
I sent this to every blog I could find that has had content stolen. Pass it along.

Plantagenet said...

Just found your site - great stuff. Thank you.

garychching said...

Hi Robert, did they cover Silver machine as well as the Lost T-Shirts?

garychching said...

Hi Aesop the best approach to scrapping is to put your links in the comment section, you can also leave a line telling people to go to the comment and follow your blogspot address. The scrape is then useless.

Good luck mate.

garychching said...

Hi Plantagenet, thanks for taking the time to comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It makes it all feel worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary, Bruce! This may be a bit off-topic, but I visited asfm after a month's pause and found out you've resumed posting. This is great! Thank you! During this month I listened to the two White Boy singles circa 100 times. Funny & great music! Sadly there's not much info on them to be found except if you're ready to spend big bucks on Forced Exposure #7/8 and #9. Can you please post the 3rd single? I found scans of the cover & inserts on


Aesop said...

Gary, that's a great idea. However, I am more concerned with the theft of my writing not the links. Either way, I am in the process of putting the screws to this fuckstick. I might move my links anyways. Thanks.

garychching said...

Hey Aesop, if you can get them, then cool, but I think they will just appear under another poor souls name. As for taking the writing, the people that must visit downmining most probably don't read the postings anyway. If you want people to be aware of your input make sure you include a line, like: if you want the music then go the orginal source at Aesop.blogspot.com, then you get massive coverage as well.

But good luck anyway.

garychching said...

Hi Anon, hopefully Bruce will send in the next White Boy single sometime soon. I am also waiting to hear it. So fingers crossed.

IanT said...

Magic, this takes me back nearly 20 years when I was living on a leaky houseboat in Battersea. The LTSofA came and played a set on the deck of the boat one summer evening when we were throwing a party, I'll never forget it.

Thanks for sparking those memories.

Mark said...

Yeah, I remember this lot. They went to my school (Forest Hill Boys). They used to play a fair bit with The Forest Hill Billies as I recall, who did a similar type of thing. I had no idea they released those albums, I'll have to go check 'em out. Cheers.

garychching said...

Hi Ian thanks for your comment, much appreciated. That sounded like a great night, I can nearly imagine being there myself.

garychching said...

Hi Mark thanks for the comment, if you do find the albums then drop me a line. I've been looking but have been unable to find them anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere amongst the mountains of junk I call home I have a different LTOA cassette which I bought from them when I saw them in Milton Keynes. IF I can find it, and IF it's survived in a listenable state I'll rip it and bung you a copy - don't hold your breath, but you've inspired me to dig it out with this fine post - thanks!

garychching said...

Hi Anon thanks for the comment re the post, I know I shouldn't, but you got me excited now, I hope you can find it.

Anonymous said...

So do I!!! Second date with my other half was a LTOA gig, think that was where I bought the tape - I'm going to start looking 2nite :-)

garychching said...

Hey any luck in the search for the second tape?

mike weber/fairportfan said...

Was over in August '90 for Cropredy, and some of us from the Festival Tours group hit a pub and saw the T-Shirts.

I don't think they were selling tapes then. Glad to have this

garychching said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the comment, shame they weren't selling any tapes. if you read the other comments we were hoping to uncover a few more, but as yet this is the only one. Enjoy.

Chocosphere said...


I was the drummer in LTOA. I have both cd's on mp3 plus some rare live gigs. I found your blog whilst doing a nostalgic google search. If u like I can send them for you to post, we're not gonna get any royalties on them anyway and we were always in it for the fun. (By the way, I was the only one in the band who went to Forest Hill School).

All the best.

garychching said...

Hi C, thanks for commenting and yes I would love to have the mp3's and as you can see from other comments a number of people were looking for more of your music, so I'm sure they would appreciate it.

All the best

Chocosphere said...

Cool, also i must mention that the tape u have was the first LTOA "product" featuring their original drummer Sammy. I replaced him shortly after and went on to record the 2 albums and toured for around 7 years with the band (right up till the end). How would you like me to send u the mp3's? I am not familiar with blogging, are we allowed to exchange emails on this site?

Chocosphere said...

...erm, just to say I have created a fan page for LTOA on facebook and will load the tracks on there if there is interest, so far there are 0 fans but i only did it yesterday...

garychching said...

Hi whatever suits you best. I am happy for you to put the tracks on facebook (I just joined as a fan), I will repost this entry and tell everyone that you are sharing over at face book, or you can do it the following way:

I'm afraid you cannot exchange files through the blog directly. So the best way is as below.

Set-up a free account on mediafire (this can be useful whenever you want to share any information or get access it yourself if you are out)


You just need an email ID - which if you don't want to use a personal one, then just set-up a new hotmail or google mail account.

You can then just upload the files (either in a zip file - the best way) or individually. once uploaded it will give you a link which you can send to me, and I can download.

If that's too difficult then you can send them 2 at a time via email (its a bit slow, but it does work).

drop me a line if none of this makes sense.

My email is in my user profile.

Regards, Gary

Chocosphere said...

Ok, for those interested here is the facebook link:


will add more later, and see about the mediafire thing too. Thanks to Gary and all who expressed an interest.


Anonymous said...

hi,look at my blog!!http://poppunknewwave.blog.cz/

Lord Bungle of Brentford said...

Hi Thanks for the Info, and thanks for the link to facebook fan page, I have just joined up, after hunting for a while on info on the t shirts after reading about them in A Dog Called Demolition by Robert Rankin, Is More Reverb on the Duck still Available? as I want a copy, as trying to compile the track list from the book.
Great work

garychching said...

Hi Bungle, if you look up at some of the other comments you can see Chris is investigating other approaches to sharing. I don't know if you can get a copy of the CD, but you can get the mp3's from facebook using some firefox extensions (but I don't think your meant to).