Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Vice Squad - Living On Dreams

Vice Squad formed in 1979, and this their debut, double a-side, three track single was released in 1980. Having trouble with finding a good record deal, they created there own label 'Riot City records' and manged to sell a healthy 25,000 copies.

The singer was originally the lovely 'Beki Bondage' see poster (free with this single) scan (high res copy in download) below, she was replaced later on by another female vocalist 'Lia'.

For me 'Last Rockers' is the standout track of the three. But I'll leave it to you to listen and leave a comment and tell me what your favourite is.

Etchings on both sides - 'Punks and Skins O.K.' and on the other side 'O.K Punks and Skins'. Well from my memory they weren't.

Band: Vice Squad
Label: Riot City Records
Year: 1980
1. Living On Dreams
2. Latex Love
3. Last Rockers

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like then buy this, it includes this posting plus singles from both vocalists:

Vice Squad: The Complete Punk Singles


Anonymous said...

About the blog in general Gary. Just found it last night and stayed up all night reliving those days. Got loads of this stuff all in appalling condition so this was welcome, saw loads of the bands and best of all how you jogged my memory. Some brilliant bands had somehow slipped my memory like Los Albertos. Thanks so much for bringing them back. So cheers and congrats on what has got to be the best place on the web at the moment.

garychching said...

Thanks anon, your comment really made me smile. You sometimes think why am I doing this, and then you get a really good comment.

glad to have you on board

Tony Slug said...

Hello, this is a very cool blog !
I found some great stuff on here that I hadn't heard in decades.

My minor complaint/gripe being that things are a bit too Brit-centric overall. This is however offset by the very cool "scraping the barrel for obscure stuff" factor, plus zero "Oi" garbage.

Tip :
THE PACK both 45's :)

Best wishes for 2009 and keep up the good work.


garychching said...

Hi Tony thanks for your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the blog.

The only reason it is Brit centric is because nearly all of the posts are from my own collection, and not sure of your age, but if you were buying punk in the late seventies you were restricted to what was available in your local record stores.

I'm afraid I haven't got the Afflicted, but will dig the rest of the Pack out sometime.

All the best