Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Very Things - Live At The ICA Oct. 1984 Part 2

Formed from the ashes of the brilliant 'Cravats', came the even better and very much stranger 'The Very Things'. The singers strange vocals, warped fairground type music and odd lyrics make them incomparable (anyone know of anyone else that sounds like them? then leave a comment).

All of these tracks are great but my favourite is 'The Bushes Scream, While My Daddy Prunes'
The reason there is two parts is down to my poor ripping, I thought the song had finished.

Ripped from FM radio and then ripped from glorious hissing tape

Band: The Very Things
Year: 1984
1. The Bushes Scream, While My Daddy Prunes Part 1
2. The Bushes Scream, While My Daddy Prunes Part 2
3. Wall Of Fir
4. Shearing Machine
5. Phillips World Service

If you like this then definitely get this (currently only available on download) here:
The Bushes Scream While Daddy Prunes
and you can still get this one on CD here:
It's a Drug, It's a Drug


Longy said...

Never heard of these but I'll give em a bash. Cheers mate.

Lazy Rod said...

Great stuff Gary...
Pretty sure I've still got this and the YYN set on tape, but you've saved me alot of effort going thru my box of unlabeled cassettes!
Thanx mate ;)

garychching said...

Cheers Longy if you liked the Cravats you will like the Very Things.

No problem Rod, I've been meaning to post this for ages. Like you I still have piles of cassettes which I am not sure whats on them.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if anyone else knows that "Shend"/"The Shend"(the singer of The Very Things) went on to do some acting ... and can be found in various programmes (yes, even The Bill and Emmerdale Farm) usually as a heavy ... since he looked a bit like a ... heavy.

Apparently looking at his IMDB entry, he also played a werewolf in "Boon" ... well I never ...

garychching said...

Hi Schtick, no I didn't know the Shend was on the Bill and Emmerdale. Nice bit of trivia, thanks.