Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Terry and Gerry - Live At The ICA Oct. 1984 Part 1

This is part one of four posts, all of them live gigs from the ICA in October 1984. I think there was whole week of gigs and these were my favorites. Part two will be 'The Very Things', Part three 'yeah Yeah Noh' and the final part 'Marc Riley and the Creepers'.

So first up the great alternative skiffle band 'Terry and Gerry', I still think these guys were one of the best live bands ever. Their recordings whilst good, never captured that feeling when you saw them live. Gerry was the master of banter and the band managed to get audience involvement on just about every song (which I have never seen again). This was clearly something that developed over the years as this earlier recording does not have so much audience participation as I remember.

Band: Terry and Gerry
Year: 1984
1. The Good, The Bad and The Usherette
2. Wolfman's Request
3. A Thousand Towns
4. Cars
5. Hello
6. Butters On The Bread
7. T.V. Songs
8. Dennis and Brian
9. Wait Until Your Older
10. Pizza, Pies and Junk
11. Clothes Shop
12. Outro

Ripped from FM radio and then ripped from glorious hissing tape (see comments)

If you like Terry and Gerry you won't be disappointed with this brilliant album, buy it here:
Let's Get the Hell Back to Lubbock


garychching said...


you know what to do

Fruitier Than Thou said...

Nice one Gary
I never got around to sticking on me blog.. Those PEEL nights were great. The reason why there wasn't so much T&G banter was because one thing about those ICA gigs, was there were run like clockwork.. Especially for the first 2 bands. I will get around to sticking up the BIG FLAME gig because that was one of the most exhilarating 25 minutes I have ever witnessed (apparently their first London gig as well...)

Fruitier Than Thou said...

Oh BTW.. At the I.C.A

2nd October 1984

5th October 1984

6th October 1984

7th October, 1984

garychching said...

Hi Dave thanks for the extra info on the dates,my writing on my tapes had faded.

Good point about the banter, I forgot how compressed those multi nband nights were.

I would love to hear the Big Flame gig, I missed that one.

Fruitier Than Thou said...

Hello Gary
I've finally loaded up the BIG FLAME gig...

garychching said...

Got the Big Flame stuff, nice one