Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Rakes - Strasbourg

Since creating this blog, I've been thinking a lot about how many brilliant bands appeared in the late seventies and early eighties. The punk era appeared to spawn so many excellent records and I can remember if you wanted to go and see a band (any time) you could buy the 'NME' or 'Sounds' and there was always somebody good to go and see (sometimes I would go and see two and on the odd occasion I managed to fit three bands at different venues in one night).

I then started to ask the question was it really better then? It still feels to me that there was more going on, or is it that I am just not so in tune with the music that is around today. What do you think?

So anyway one thing I do know is that there are still some excellent new bands (The Libertines for one, in my opinion one of the best bands I have ever seen and heard) that would have stood up to many of the old punk classics. So I decided to post a couple of the best.

First up is 'The Rakes' this is a limited edition single, and it is a true punk classic. If you like this then find their local version of 'Strasbourg' called 'Watford' (another classic). Like all good punk bands the b-side (both tracks) is also excellent.

If you haven't' seen 'The Rakes' there are a number of reasons why you should. Firstly 'Alan Donohoe' (lead singer) is most probably one of the best ad-libbers on stage (he knows how to entertain with jokes and comments that will make you laugh out loud), secondly their entire set is outstanding, and lastly 'Donohoe' is most probably the best dancer on stage (strange style that somehow looks cool). Go and see them you will not be disappointed.

Etched on the a-side is "Streaky@soundmasters" is this a play on the classic "Porky prime cut"?

Band: The Rakes
Label: City Rockers
Year: 2004
1. Strasbourg
2. Just Got Paid
3. T-Bone (demo)

If you like this then go and buy their debut album 'Capture/Release' it is one of my all time favorite albums of which I never tire playing. The debut single '22 Grand Job' is also on this album and it is a true punk classic. Go and buy it now:
Capture/Release: Remastered
Capture/Release: Remastered


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Love this lot, this is a modern classic! it appears you taste in new music is as good as you taste with the oldies, nice one gary

geranium said...

I am living in a city named "Strasbourg". Has the song something to do with it?

geranium said...

OK yes, it is about my city. But they sing that Strasbourg is in west germany, but it is in France hahahaha! They need to go back to school ;-)

matt m said...

Rikki and the Last Days Of Earth 1st single is here:
and here:
B side is a classic!

clintiguana said...

If you want 21st century punk you will be hard pushed to do better than inner terrestrials

you can down load stuff from thier myspcae


garychching said...

hey Matt thanks for the Rikki stuff, much appreciated, I will play them later.

garychching said...

good point Geranium, I never noticed.

garychching said...

Hi Clint, thanks for the suggestion, I will try them out

garychching said...

Nuzz it appears that we both have good taste.

garychching said...

hey Geranium, there is a Strasbourg in East Germany as well. So it looks as thought the rakes education was not too bad

geranium said...

Maybe. But they are also talking about the european court of human rights, and this is in Strasbourg France.