Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Suburban Studs - Questions

'Questions' was the debut single from the 'Suburban Studs'. For me the b-side 'No Faith' is the better song and the one I personally rate.

Obviously someone else agreed with me as this single was re-released and 'No Faith' became the a-side.

Released on Pogo records the Suburban Studs released one further single, the more well know 'I Hate School' and one album 'Slam' all in one year.

The Suburban Studs never really made it, for me this was due to the missing ingredient that most Punk classic had and that is a good memorable tune or riff. Lots of energy, but just not quite there. I'm sounding really negative here, which I shouldn't as I did rate both of their singles.

Leave a comment and say what you think.

Band: Suburban Studs
Label: Pogo
Year: 1977
1. Questions
2. No Faith

If you do like this then the album has both single now added:
Complete Studs Collection
Complete Studs Collection


arstider said...

YES...... :-D
I had forgotten them.....
Both singles are great.

Best wishes from Sweden

45 Revolutions said...

At the time, they were derided and dismissed: supposedly terrible name ('Suburban' sounded like something punk-by-numbers) and on an essentially major label. Plus, "I Hate School" WAS punk-by-numbers. These days, of course, every right-thinking citizen knows that they were pretty good, really! Even the LP is good.

Had the first single (the better version, with the sax) not been picked up along with all the dubious Pogo catalogue, and if the band had remained independent, perhaps we wouldn't have been so irritated by the name etc, and maybe the band would've had a better reception.

matt m said...

I'm with you - No faith is definitely their best. On the subject of major label bands have you got Priorities by Trash? I've still got the A side on an old tape which is classic, but I've fogotten if the B side was any good or not.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Blimey, that's told yer gary, shit, a wind-up? or not!

jamfan said...

would not take any notice gaz theres thousands of blogs its a wind up

Setback said...

How could someone even bother, only covards sign without their name.

Nathan Nothin said...

I agree with setback.
I have a hard time believing that any actual legal action is going to be posted as a comment on your blog under "anonymous". However, in this day & age,anything is possible, even probable. The safest thing to do is remove the tracks from the Suburban Studs posting for the moment until you can sort out the copyright situation.
Remember, any wanker can post anonymous, but coppers are wankers, so.
We may be paranoid, but Big Brother is out there.

Muellasaurus said...

They're gonna gitcha with electrical shockahs, boy. You best get runnin!

arstider said...


In Sweden you are not allowed to make an anonymous comment like that,if you work for the law. YOU must say who you are otherwise you are breaking the law.......

Best wishes from Sweden.

ps for me your site is no problem as I have almost all singles at home already, so I have my copyrights......... :-D

The Racing Rabbit said...

For me this is only a megalomaniac and a poseur. If he really had any influence he would have signed with a name. Neverrtheless you should be careful and not underestimate the power of the music industry.

Stick to the spirit!

mrpoopy said...

Go to the Lost-In-Tyme blog and scroll through the main page to 1/28/08 and and beyond--they have been having the real thing happen to them. The worst that can happen is you lose the Blogger account--no lawyer is going to come after your ass for some small-time shit like Suburban Studs. That posting on your site looks fake, too. If these types of comments keep popping up you should make all people who want to post comments sign in with a Blogger or Google account.

Anonymous said...

Yes I noticed that too mrpoopy. They do post an incredible amount of music on there though - full albums and tonnes of stuff that is available to buy on CD so there is a difference. You can understand the record company's getting a bit moody. Theres dozens of other blogs that take the p*** as well.

As for this blog, personally I beleive its doing the bands a favour. People who havent discovered these gems are more likely to purchase a CD of the artists as a result of hearing a bashed-up ripped single.

PS Some of us oldies are too damned daft to suss out a blogger account as well!


(not anonymous...just daft : - )

zenpunk said...

its a wind up.if it was real you'd probabley be also getting emails from the copyright holders,not some dick signing anon.i'd just resume normal service

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you took down the post regarding that anonymous, cease-and-desist asshole. Increasingly private property (copyright laws among other things) is proving to be a burden and the "productive forces" the market once unleashed now function mostly to curtail progress. In a small way, music blogs are demonstrating how capitalism needs to be superseded. The scum who say otherwise are comparable to those right-wing morons in Metallica.

Keep up the good work!