Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Piranhas - I Don't Want My Body

The Piranhas single that John Peel introduced to the wider public.

'I Don't Want My Body' is one of those songs that always makes me smile. The lyrics are witty and clever, the tune is infectious and is guaranteed to have you dancing around your living room singing along. After listening to this and 'Space Invaders' again it led to me digging out their debut album 'The Piranhas' Which I had forgotten how many songs like 'I Don't Want My Body' they had written. I was going to post this as well, as it is still not generally available but found the guys over at the Twilight Zone have already done so (so if you like the last couple of postings, get over there, and git it). This is a slightly different version to the album, but both the Sire versions are better than the one on the only available Piranhas collection.

The b-side of this single, is definitely not my cup of tea, and appears to be a bit of an oddity compared with their normal style. As usual though I leave it here for completeness.

So how many of you out their don't like your bodies? I know I could do with a few changes on mine. Leave a comment and tell ASFM.

Band: The Piranhas
Label: Sire
Year: 1980
1. I Don't Want My Body
2. (I'm Gonna Get) Well Away

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

This is the only available Piranhas stuff currently, so if you like this then try this (please note they are different versions to the Sire recordings):
The Piranhas
The Piranhas


Anonymous said...

Another great upload I never knew existed. Cheers for the tip on the album too Gary. Great stuff mate.


garychching said...

Thanks for the comment Longy. Glad to help.

John Spithead said...

I've had this single since it came out and I've played the B-side every Christmas since, as I believe it's the finest Christmas song EVER!

The Pirranhas were one of a kind. Getting Beaten Up, on the flip of their hit, Tom Hark is a great song, too.

Enjoying the blog.

John (ballisticwax.blogspot.com)

garychching said...

Ho John, I'm with you, they were one of a kind. I've been surprised how many people haven't heard some of their stuff.

Just has a quick walk over to your blog, looks interesting, I'm gonna try a couple of your postings.

Also added you to the blog list.