Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Cravats - Burning Bridges

The Cravats second single, and first release on the excellent 'Small Wonder' label.

There was always something different about the Cravats, even their debut single 'Gordon' had that distinct strange sound that made it impossible to put them into any category.

'Burning Bridges' is an excellent single, although the cover implies 'The End' is the main single, but whichever track is meant to be, it's Burning Bridges that stands out from these three tracks.

One of my favourite Cravats songs is 'Land Of The Giants' which is about the classic TV series of the same name. Well I loved it as a kid and have not risked damaging those memories by watching it again: Has anyone out there watched it again? Leave a comment and tell me if it is still good, I could be tempted to watch it again.

They also later spawned into the Very Things and continued to make that wonderful weird and strange music which songs such as 'The Bushes Scream When My Daddy Prunes'

The lyrics to Burning Bridges are on the back cover, high res scan included for you to sing along.

If you want to know more about the Cravats then follow this link.

Band: The Cravats
Label: Small Wonder
Year: 1979
1. Burning Bridges
2. I Hate The Universe
3. The End

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like the Cravats then buy this excellent album, you can also find their 'Toyland album on itunes:
The Land of the Giants
The Land of the Giants

if you like the Cravats and want to hear who else recorded on the Small Wonder label, then buy this:
Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.1
Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.1


John Liedown said...

Great band the cravats. I used to especially like catching glimpses of the Shend on Eastenders when he was during his bit part extras phase. Posted the Very Things Peel Session a while back. Dont know if it's still actiive. Love this blog! Some brilliant stuff on here, it's like the best loaded juke box ever, & I always love a good scan!

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment again John, I didn't know the Shend did bit part acting.

I will check out your Peel session posting and see if it is still available, I also have a Radio 1 live recording of the Very Things, that I should post sometime.