Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Numbers, The X-Certs, Joe Public, 48 Hours - 4 Alternatives EP

Some real 'gems for you here. Four different bands with a track each, and all of them are good.

My favorite is Joe Public's 'Hotel Rooms', closely followed by The X-Certs 'Blue Movies. Leave a comment for which one you prefer.

Released on Heartbeat records with the aim to help promote local bands from Bristol.

Bot of etching trivia the a-side has "Shaun's got balls". Who knows!

Label: Heartbeat
Year: 1979
1. Alternative Suicide - The Numbers
2. Blue Movies - The X-Certs
3. Hotel Rooms - Joe Public
4. 48 Hours - Back To Ireland

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then you are in luck as this EP and others excellent releases are still available on a 2*CD album - go and order this now from here:

Avon Calling: Very Best Of Heartbeat Records (scroll down an little and you will find it)


ThaiLatic said...

This is a great site, Gary. You are virtually replicating my record collection which is stored in cardboard boxes 6,000 miles away!!

I'd forgotten all about this ep but now I've seen it again I seem to remember that one of these bands (Joe Public?) went on to join the "Sinatra" era Subway Sect and later became JoBoxers.

Keep up the good work.

thailatic said...

Do you, by any chance, have a copy of either "Happy Birthday Sweet 16" by Clive Pig or "You're To Blame" by The Cybermen? Two cracking singles from this era and songs I haven't heard in nearly 30 years!!

If so, is there any chance you could post them on here?


garychching said...

Hi Thailatic, thanks for your comments. I am afraid I have not got Clive Pig, but I did have the Cybermen - just haven't seen it (yet) in the boxes I have down from the loft. I will go and have another look.

thailatic said...

You're welcome.

Shame about Clive Pig but happy hunting for The Cybermen!!

Nietzba said...

I love 48 Hours song since I heard it the first time. I have it on the "England belongs to me" compilation. Great post!

garychching said...

Hey Nietzba, thanks for your comment. I've not heard of the England belongs To Me comp. anything else good on it?