Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Magazine - Touch and Go

Move Over 'Shirley Bassey' and let 'Devoto' take over.

Whilst 'Touch and Go' is a classic, wait until you hear 'Goldfinger' by Magazine. I'm calling now for the James Bond soundtrack to be remastered and replaced with this version.

So you choose which is the best? Magazine or Shirley Bassey - You know where my vote is.

Band: Magazine
Label: Virgin
Year: 1978
1. Touch and Go
2. Goldfinger

If you like this, and you haven't already bought it (I want to know why) then go out and buy this classic album now. The new version has both this posting and 'Shot by both sides' (b-sides included)
Real Life
Real Life


Anonymous said...

I will never ever tire of hearing anything Magazine. Just superb.


arstider said...

Haven't been here for a couple of days. Lots of new goodies.... :-D
This one is still really really good.

Best wishes from Sweden

ps still miss the first ones with Chelsea, Skrewdriver (I know what happen to them later on) and Pork Dukes..... (Why not use the postcard to the LP if you don't what show the sleeves on your site)

garychching said...

We've missed you at ASFM arstider. Welcome back.

I am planning to post chelsea, skrewdriver and Pork Dukes. Any you want to hear in particular?

arstider said...

Everything with Port Dukes is fun...;-D

But Skrewdrivers 2nd singles got most memories. Lots of friends who didn't like this kind of music, really thought that they might have missed something when I played Skrewdrivers 2nd singles.

Best wishes from Sweden

Dr. Astro said...

Hey Gary.Great blog! Hours of great stuff here. One question though. Where exactly is the link to download this one? For the life of me I just can't see it anywhere.