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The Local Anesthetic - Various Artists

This story for me demonstrates what the music industry should be doing about blogs, and I hope you feel the same as me, and go out and buy this album, the music warrants it, and the labels approach also does. So have a read and see what ASFM thinks, and then listen to it yourself. As usual leave some comments and say what you think of the labels approach, as well as what you think of the music.

The Story
I got an email from a guy called Andy Silva (from New York) who works for a record label as New Media Promotion.

He sent me some sample mp3's (you can get the link to these in the comments) and also a link to listen to the new album they are promoting (the link for you to listen is further down in this posting). A little info on new album in their own words below:

In 1981 Wax Trax Records co-owner Duane Davies formed the in-store label called Local Anesthetic and released the debut single by Denver band Gluons featuring Allen Ginsberg on vocals. Local Anesthetic went on as the only continuous independent label in Colorado, staunchly documenting the underground music scene of the early 80s. Now, Smooch RecordsThe Local Anesthetic compiles all of the 7-inch singles, along with a few other gems. Although the singles all fall under the punk umbrella, they're a diverse collection of hardcore, new wave, artsy fartsy, goth, and experimental recordings from 1977-83.

The Music
So I had a listen to this album and boy there are some real gems (all of which I have never heard). I've ordered my copy today and hopefully when you have listened to this album you will do the same.

I started by listening to the free downloads first and was very impressed with a couple of the tracks, so I then turned to listen to the whole album, and these were my favorites (the order is based upon the album and not my personal preference) and the reason that led to me ordering the album:

Frantix - My Dad's A F*cking Alcoholic, a slowish, heavy sound that is brilliant, obviously not one to play around your mum, but this will have you singing along to the chorus.

Your Funeral's, 'I Wanna Be You' is such a stand-out track , whilst it was playing I was working on an ASFM post, and I had to stop, the track is so brilliant, that it made me look up and stop typing, and I have been playing it continuously ever since. not to be let down, and guess what? the b-side 'The Abyss' is equally brilliant. You will love this band I promise.

The next pick for me was the 'Young Weasels' and their single 'Twist and Burn' a slow burner this one (excuse the pun), I can't put my finger on who they sound like (anyone out there know?) but I like it. The b-side 'Happy Feathers' is another one that grows on you.

Next pick is the Gluons, 'Bird Brain', I dare you not to love this song. It is beyond classification, but one of those songs that just makes you smile as you sing along to the catchy chorus "Bridbrain". The b-side is more classic punk and does not disappoint, great guitar riffs, great chorus, play it.

Both the tracks from Jerri Rossi are very different again, it reminds me a little of early Lydia Lunch, she screams out the lyrics against a back bass guitar and noise. I don't know why, but I love it. The more I play it the more it grows on me.

Next up for me, Defex, this is a real little gem and rarity. 'Psycho Surfer' sounds like classic 1977 punk, its got the riffs, the vocals and the speed, I'm singing along now, whilst witting this "Psycho Sur fer fer fer fer fer Psycho Surfer. The b-sides not quite as good as the a-side, but it's still brilliant, which makes you realize how good, Psycho Surfer is. Only 100 copies of this were released and it has fetched up to $400 on ebay.

The Nails, 'Cops Are Punks' starts of with the old fashioned police siren and then goes into another classic 1977 punk sound, it is so catchy, you will not be able to stop jumping around and singing along to this. This track is so cool, you gotta get it. The b-side 'Big star is again good, but it could never surpass 'Cops Are Punks'. The final track 'Another Lesson' is much slower and melodic but still excellent.

So summing it up for me, 14 brilliant tracks out of 33 ain't bad. If you like hardcore punk then there's even more for you. In fact there's something for everyone on this compilation. If you don't believe me then follow then follow this link for the full album stream and listen yourself:

By the way you can also purchase this great compilation through the same link above.

So either listen to the whole album or download these four tracks and sample:

1. Your Funeral - I Wanna Be You
2. Jerri Rossi - I Left My Heart I Don't Know Where
3. White Trash - wake Up
4. Bum Kon - The Draft

Ripped using some smart recording technology (the four sample mp3's):
See comment for the link - If you can't find the comment, go to http://asfm.blogspot.com/

The full album track listing is below, but if you want to know more about these bands and see some hi resolution pictures then go here:


and if you want some more info about the labels, etc then go here:


1. Frantix - My Dad's A F*cking Alcoholic
2. Frantix - Car
3. Frantix - Your Ill
4. Frantix - My Dad's Dead
5. Your Funeral - I Wanna Be You
6. Your Funeral - The Abyss
7. White Trash - Wake Up
8. White Trash - Nazi's In My Neighborhood
9. White Trash - Ballard Of Ronnie Raygun
10. White Trash - I Hate Toes
11. White Trash - Daddy Warbucks
12. Young Weasels - Twist and Burn
13. Young Weasels - Happy Feathers
14. Bum Kon - Bum Kon
15. Bum Kon - Forced Away
16. Bum Kon - Drunken Sex Sucks
17. Bum Kon - The Draft
18. Bum Kon - Slow Death
19. Gluons - Bird Brain
20. Gluons - Sue Your Parents
21. Frantix - Face Reality
22. Frantix - Cat Mouse
23. Frantix - Sharin' Sharon
24. Frantix - New Questions
25. Jerri Rossi - I Left My Heart I Don't Know Where
26. Jerri Rossi - It's A Man's Man's Man's World
27. Rok Tots - Suicide Weekend
28. Rok Tots - Situation Kid
29. Defex - Psycho Surfer
30. Defex - Machine Gun Love
31. Nails - Cops Are Punks
32. Nails - Big Star
33. Nails - Another Lesson

So if you like this then go and buy it here:


garychching said...


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Uncle E said...

Great site! First time, not the last.

fred said...

The guys from the Frantix became The Fluid. The Fluid are reunioning and playing Seattle and Denver in June, I think, for the SubPop 20 year anniversary.

BTW, there's a great Frantix full CD floating around out there somewhere on an Australian label.

garychching said...

Thanks for your comment Uncle (mmmm don't know if I like saying that :-))

garychching said...

Hi Fred thanks for the extra info, I didn't know that Frantic morphed into Fluid, or there was another album around, I will have a look for that one.

fred said...

The Frantix logo was a "middle finger" version of the Black Flag logo. Which reminds me, I am looking for a place to post this Black Flag hairstyles through the years link: (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v372/xgenux/crap/?action=view¤t=BFLINEUP41.jpg) Hopefully it comes through this comment, sorry if it doesn't

garychching said...

Hi Fred, the link works fine. It made me laugh, we could do with a few more of these for other bands.

did you want it posted on ASFM? or are you happy for it so sit here?