Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mothmen - Does It Matter Irene

Another one from Bruce Rhodes collection. The 'Mothmen's' debut single released in 1979 on Absurd records. I haven't got much information on 'Mothmen' apart from they came from the North West of England and appeared to be around from 1979 to 1982 releasing four singles and two albums (not bad for a relatively short period).

If you do a Google you find lots of info on aliens and x-file stuff, which does have some affinity with the strange pictures on the covers.

For me (Bruce as well) the stand out track is the a-side 'Does It Matter Irene' starts with great guitar then has a strange kind of sound that draws you in, the more you play it the more catchy it gets. The b-side is another strange one, that starts well but for me wanders away loosing my interest.

So leave a comment if you know anything interesting about Mothmen, or just to tell ASFM which track you prefer.

Band: Mothmen
Label: Absurd Records
Year: 1979
1. Does It Matter Irene
2. Please Let Go

Ripped from (Bruce's) glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this, then follow this link for the full Mothmen discography.


jamfan said...

hi gaz i cant beleive it i only just brought this last sunday from a record fair for £10 your right its a real grower

garychching said...

Hi Jamfan, this blog is full of spooky coincidences. Every time I play Mothmen it gets better and better. I'm glad Bruce sent it.

All the best, Gary

Anonymous said...

Some info: The Mothmen were made up of guys who ended up as sidemen in a bunch of Manchester bands, most notably Simply Red but also the Albertos, Durutti Column and Suns of Arqa at times. They made a strong post-punk album, One Black Dot, for Do It in 1981 (strangely not on Discogs) and later worked with On-U Sound dubmeister Adrian Sherwood. Seem to remember there was an unreleased Simply Red/On-U Sound dub record early in their career that I reckon was just bound to have had these guys on it. Somebody's probably posting it on a blog somewhere even as I type. -- Stefan M. / Occupied Territories

garychching said...

Hi Stefan thanks for the extra info much appreciated