Monday, 4 August 2014

Steve Treatment & The NoMen - The Christmas Annual 2009

Well it's nearly Christmas so as it's a time of giving, I thought I would give you this brilliant link. Happy Christmas and New Year from ASFM. Enjoy.

This freebie comes from Topplers Records an independent Micro DIY label from the West of Scotland.

If you haven't heard of Topplers before then your in for a real treat, being the stable of Jowe Head, Phones Sportsman, Dan Melchior, The Decider, The Cult Figures and not forgetting Steve Treatment and the (Brilliant) NoMen (check them out on the menu and listen to some of their excellent covers - often an improvement on the originals). If you like the Swell Maps and Television Personalities then your love the stuff for sale at Topplers.

Topplers have a tradition of releasing a free CD but as you will see due to the credit crunch, its download only, which is fine by me. The download offers a couple of old favourites, and one of my personal favourite Xmas songs "The NoMen Christmas Party" (if someone wanted to protest at X-Factor, then they should of picked this one instead of the crap "Rage Against The Machine") Also some nice cheery titles for you to sing along with the family, like "Top Yourself baby" with the great lyrics "Why don't you top yourself baby and do us all a favour".

So what are you waiting for, get over there now and download your copy from the link here . Try it out and then buy some of the excellent priced gems on their site. See my recommendations at the bottom of this post.

Also check out the link to Jowe Head and also a Dan Melchior live gig here (see bottom of blog)

Band: Steve Treatment and the NoMen
Label: Topplers
Year: 2009
1. I Don't Want My Little Baby Back
2. The Trains Came And Took It All Away
3. Top Yourself Baby
4. Christmas October
5. I Don't Need to Travel
6. The Nomen Christmas Dinner
7. Boom Bang a Bang
8. Bangin' My Bones
9. Oh Plastic Boy
10. A Letter To The World
11. Take A Fix For Christmas
12. Dead Body (Bonus Track - spoiling the Christmas mood)

Ripped by Topplers with some glorious recording gear onto mp3

If you like this then check out some of these offerings and buy them now, your have to select the band from the drop down list. Two gems from Phones Sportsman PSB at £4.99 and Arson and the Juggernauts at £2.99, what have you got to lose, while your their grab his excellent CD single as well.

Jowe Heads from a Parallel Universe

A couple of Jowe Head bands, first up Olives Hairy Custard

and Angel Racing Food

This list is going to get too long, so also check out Steve Treatment and then finally listen to all the excellent NoMen stuff.


Longy said...

Cheers for the link to this mate. You gotta love Topplers!

garychching said...

Thanks Longy, I knew you would like this one. Yep Topplers are magic.